Projector Reviews

NEC HT510 – General Performance-2


NEC has a main menu, and six next level menus, everything is pretty logically laid out. I found navigating extremely fast and easy so that making changes is brief and painless. I’ve captured most of the menus for you check out below



The NEC is extremely quiet, operating between 26 and 28 db, making it about as quiet as any on the market. Noise from the fans is simply not a problem. One less thing to worry about.

Lamp Life

Maximum lamp life is rated at 3000 hours, making it about average. At 20 hours a week use, that’s about 3 years.

Lens Shift

I was pleased with the operation of the lens shift, which allowed me to get a rectagular image with the projector a couple of feet below the bottom of the screen. In this regard it is similar to the Sanyo Z3. By comparison, the Panasonic AE700U‘s lens shift primarily operates between the top and bottom of the screen (ideal for people placing the projector on a shelf, but not much help for low tables or high ceilings.