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NEC HT510 - General Performance

Posted on October 15, 2013 by Art Feierman

Remote Control

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The NEC HT510 provides a nice compact remote, that is fully backlit. Even better they manage to have almost all text markings for the many buttons - on the buttons so that they illuminate and are easy to read. Very nicely, there are discrete buttons for each available source, (which also indicates that if you use a computer or other controller, you will be able to directly change sources and not have to go through menus.

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You will find the same three main buttons; menu, enter and exit as found on the projectors control panel. In addition you can engage noise reduction, change aspect ratio, or switch between the three presets (Black Detail, etc.) from their individual buttons. There is control of the time, a freeze button and a image mute as well, plus help and volume control.

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