Projector Reviews

NEC HT510 – Setup

Easy! If you are putting the NEC projector on a table, is even nice enough to give you a long powercord. The input connectors are clearly marked and have the usual color code

The strangest thing ever though is the rear rocker foot. As you can see, it offers a huge amount of angle to work with. But why?

Usually a pair of screw adjustable feet is more than adequate. I will admit this works great though, if you want to just set it down on a table sitting partially on some magazines (again but why?). Clever, true, but necessary?

Seriously though, there is no “center” point resistance, so that you can start with the assumption that your table is flat. As a result I found myself wasting time trying to get it level. No way you can eyeball it without projecting an image onto the screen.

That said, it’s all very straight forward to set up.