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NEC VE281X Projector Special Features

Posted on July 22, 2013 by Eric Pfoutz

NEC VE281X Projector Special Features

Lamp Life
Impressive is the projectors estimated lamp life of 6000 hours when you project using ECO mode. More impressive is the 2 year warranty, or 4000 hours on the lamp.

Image Quality
Although this is a native 1024x768 projector, the image quality was so nice in higher resolutions that I would find it very acceptable to permanently run this projector in 1280x1024 resolution, and in some cases even higher.

Carbon Savings Meter
Unique carbon savings meter. It calculates the positive effects of running the projector in Eco Mode.

Quick Start Cooling and Shutdown
No need to wait a long time for the projector to cool before starting up. Also, very little time to wait for the projector to turn on.

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