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NOMVDIC P2000UST-RGB Triple Laser UST Projector Review

Posted on November 13, 2023 by Philip Boyle
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Immersive home cinema with 4K UHD/HDR10/HLG support

The NOMVDIC P2000UST-RGB is a 2500 ANSI Lumen 4K (3840 x 2160p) Triple Laser projector. The projector has an MSRP of $2,999 but periodically sells for less. NOMVDIC, pronounced "Nomadic," is a new projection brand, and the P2000UST-RGB is the first Laser TV product that Nomadic has brought to market. However, they have built a projector with a laundry list of high-end features, all at an incredibly competitive price.

The P2000UST-RGB is designed to offer users an immersive 4K UHD home cinema experience with support for HDR10, and HLG encoded HDR content and an onboard Harmon Kardon Dolby and DTS sound system that performs as good if not better than many mainstream Laser TV projectors.

Philip Jones and I took a few minutes to discuss NOMVDIC P2000UST-RGB, check out the video below to learn about our initial impressions.

The NOMVDIC P2000UST-RGB is now available on Amazon  While the unit retails for $2999, NOMVDIC is offering significant discounts on the P2000UST-RGB and other NOMVDIC Products until November 30! This makes the P2000UST-RGB an even bigger value.

Click the link to see the current price of the NOMVDIC P2000UST-RGB:

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  • Nomadic_P2000USB-RGB_MfrProdShot - Projector Reviews Images
  • Nomadic_P2000USB-RGB_MfrProdShot - Projector Reviews Images
  • Nomadic_P2000USB-RGB_MfrProdShot - Projector Reviews Images
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Price$2,999 MSRP
TechnologyDLP (0.47” DMD)
Displayed Resolution3840 x 2160 Pixel Shifting
Brightness (Manufacturer Claim)2500 ANSI Lumens
Light SourceALPD 4.0 Triple Laser
Contrast3,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast
Zoom Lens RatioFixed
Lens ShiftFixed
Sound System2 x 25watt
Dimensions (WxDxH) 23.7” x 16.7” x 6.2” inches
Weight23.3 lbs (10.6 kg)



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The NOMVDIC P2000 uses a Texas Instruments 0.47 Digital Micro-mirror Device (DMD) and an Appotronics ALPD 4.0 RGB+ triple laser light source.
An ALPD 4.0 laser light source is more than just bright; it can display 100% of the BT2020 color gamut that exceeds the needs of today's most demanding video sources.

Laser light sources are incredibly reliable and maintenance-free. The estimated light source life at full output for the P2000 is 20,000 hours. This laser light source provides 2,500 ANSI lumens of brightness, meaning that this projector does not need a completely dark room to produce a good picture. Projectors with a 2,500 ANSI laser light source can display excellent color and retain a decent amount of shadow detail even when watching content with the lights on. 

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The NOMVDIC P2000 offers an impressive list of features

NOMVDIC has improved the projector responsiveness for gamers, making it capable of 4K 60 Hz gaming with an input lag of 32 ms or 1080p gaming up to 120 Hz with an input lag of 16 ms. P2000UST-RGB also includes MEMC technology to reduce blurring and judder, improving the P2000’s gaming performance. The projector's low input lag and smooth performance mean gamers should not see a difference between when they push a controller button and the action on the screen.

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This projector can display a large 100-inch, 16:9 image with only a 6.6-inch gap between the projector and the screen.

Laser TV projectors, like the P2000UST-RGB, can display movies, sports, and more on a huge screen with excellent image quality. NOVMDIC lists the screen range anywhere from 65 to 150 inches diagonally.

Homeowners with limited space should find the P2000UST-RGB a space-saving alternative to traditional large-screen TVs. Ultra-short throw projectors don’t suffer from people walking between the projector and the screen because they are so close to each other.

Sound quality is an important feature of any Laser TV projector. NOMVDIC partnered with Harmon Kardon to develop the P2000UST-RGB 50W (25 watt x2) Dolby Digital audio system, providing a cinematic sound experience in your home. This projector's Harmon Kardon sound system should easily surpass the audio quality of most flat-panel televisions and even many entry-level soundbars.


  • 4K UHD (3,840 x 2,160) displayed resolution
  • Texas Instruments 0.47 DLP with XPR technology
  • Appotronics ALPD 4.0 Triple Laser Light Engine
  • Can reproduce 100% of the BT2020 color space
  • Customizable preset picture modes (4 SDR and 4 HDR)
  • CMS (Color Management System) for advanced calibration
  • HDR10 and HLG support
  • AI-image optimization supports four corners or warping adjustment
  • Tabletop or ceiling mounting supported
  • Gaming mode with a reduced input lag as low as 16 ms
  • Wireless networking capabilities
  • One-button digital focus control on the remote control
  • Project an image of any size between 65 to 150 inches
  • Bluetooth 4.2 functionality with external speaker functionality
  • 2,500 ANSI lumens of brightness
  • 25,000+ hours of light-source life
  • 3,000,000:1 Dynamic contrast ratio
  • Built-in Harman Kardon 25W Cube x2 Dolby Digital sound system
  • HDMI eARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel)
  • 1-year limited warranty


The NOMVDIC P2000UST-RGB is different from a traditionally designed projector. I applaud the company for trying to visually distinguish itself from the sea of large rectangular box designs found on most ultra-short throw projectors.

NOMVDIC has done a nice job designing a Laser TV projector that stands out from the competition, but not too much. The P2000UST-RGB is a nice combination of curving black plastic, metallic trim, and one of the best uses of red that I have ever seen on a projector. Since this is my opinion, you should consult your partner before putting one in your living room.


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  • Nomadic_P2000USB-RGB_PJBProdShot - Projector Reviews Images
  • Nomadic_P2000USB-RGB_PJBProdShot - Projector Reviews Images
  • Nomadic_P2000USB-RGB_PJBProdShot - Projector Reviews Images
  • Nomadic_P2000USB-RGB_PJBProdShot - Projector Reviews Images

The NOMVDIC P2000UST-RGB is slightly bigger than most modern Laser TV projectors I’ve reviewed. It’s a little wider and deeper than the typical UST projector. The design is certainly different, and that’s not a bad thing. The P2000UST-RGB measures (WxDxH) 23.7” x 16.7” x 6.2” inches (604*426*153 mm) and weighs 23.3 lbs (10.6 kg).

Nomadic_P2000USB-RGB_PJBProdShot - Projector Reviews Images

The projector's Harmon Kardon speakers are located on the front. The left and right sides of the projector are for ventilation, and all of the inputs are located on the projector's rear. The P2000UST-RGB can be mounted on a tabletop or from the ceiling.

The NOMVDIC P2000UST-RGB has three HDMI 2.1 connectors. HDMI 2.1 supports an enhanced Audio Return Channel (eARC). The increased bandwidth capabilities of eARC allow the transfer of uncompressed audio, such as Dolby TrueHD, for the highest sound quality.

The P2000UST-RGB can also control connected devices, such as an A/V receiver, via HDMI CEC (Consumer Electronics Control).

The inputs and connections are all located on the rear of the unit, facing the screen. There are three HDMI inputs. All three inputs are HDMI 2.1b inputs, allowing 4K HDR content playback with 12-bit color at up to 60fps, which is more than enough to maximize the full capabilities of the projector.

Nomadic_P2000RGB-UST_Inputs - Projector Reviews Images
Nomadic_P2000RGB-UST_Remote - Projector Reviews Images

The P2000UST-RGB remote control resembles what you find on modern ultra-short throw Laser TV projectors. Except for some color highlights around the remote controls, NOMVDIC did not drastically change the remote design. The remote is lightweight and backlit, with enough light to see it even when there is some uncontrolled ambient light from lamps in the room. The remote backlight stays illuminated for five seconds before it shuts off.

The projector takes about 30 seconds to boot up. It has an auto-input detection feature, so when you turn on an external device plugged into one of the HDMI ports, it automatically switches to that device's input.

The projector's fan noise is noticeable even from about 10 feet back, but it’s not distracting when audio is playing.


Nomadic_P2000RGB-UST_Lens - Projector Reviews Images

The NOMVDIC P2000UST-RGB has a variable focus, meaning you can project an image of any size as long as it’s between the manufacturer-rated screen sizes of 65 inches to 150 inches at a 16:9 aspect ratio. You could go bigger, but 150 inches is the maximum NOMVDIC recommends, and that’s a huge screen.

Regarding focus uniformity, the corner-to-corner focus 90% out from the center is tight; some of the best focus uniformity I’ve seen on an ultra-short throw projector. My only criticism is regarding a slight focus issue as you get to the extreme edges, about the final 5% from the most extreme corners. Honestly, this is not unusual since the further you get from the bottom of the screen on ultra-short throw projectors, the harder it is to maintain uniform focus.

More of an issue is that I could not get the focus on the left and right sides of the screen equally sharp, so I ended up splitting the difference between those two to get the best results. If you notice it, you will only see this in the projected image's upper, left, and right sides.

The optics on the NOMVDIC P2000UST-RGB are very good, with no visible chromatic aberration or lighting hotspots. While not perfect, P2000UST-RGB creates an image that is at least as uniformly sharp and detailed as the best ultra-short throw projectors from manufacturers like Hisense and LG. When you factor in this projector's retail price, that is amazing.


  • Nomadic_P2000UST-RGB_menus - Projector Reviews Images
  • Nomadic_P2000UST-RGB_menus - Projector Reviews Images
  • Nomadic_P2000UST-RGB_menus - Projector Reviews Images
  • Nomadic_P2000UST-RGB_menus - Projector Reviews Images
  • Nomadic_P2000UST-RGB_menus - Projector Reviews Images
  • Nomadic_P2000UST-RGB_menus - Projector Reviews Images
  • Nomadic_P2000UST-RGB_menus - Projector Reviews Images

The NOMVDIC P2000UST-RGB uses two sets of menus, which I’ll refer to as the master menu and the external device menu. The functionality between the two menus is identical, but they look different. Let’s start with the master or the home screen menu. The underlying operating system used on the NOMVDIC is Android OS rather than a Feng OS or a similar type of Chinese third-party OS. I like the way this menu system looks and operates.

The Home menu fills up the entire screen so everything is visible. The grouping of features is very logical. The first section is your inputs, listed from the top to the bottom. Next is the file management system that is organized the same way you expect Android OS to be organized. Next is the app center menu. The next tab is the settings menu, where network, basic, and advanced settings are located. There is a tab section dedicated to screen mirroring and one for Bluetooth. The final section is where you would add apps via side loading.

To access the mini version of this menu, you need to use an external device via HDMI or USB. Here, you can adjust brightness, contrast, and color settings. This menu is also where the projector CMS (Color Management System) is located. The CMS provides full-color control, including adjusting red, green, and blue gain, red, green, and blue offset, tint, saturation, sharpness, and gamma.

I like the logical way NOMVDIC organizes its menu system.



I didn't know what to expect since NOMVDIC is a new Laser TV manufacturer. We don’t typically review first-generation products from new manufacturers at Projector Reviews. That said, it’s clear that Nomadic has chosen to use excellent quality components for their first-generation Laser TV. As soon as I displayed my first image with the P2000UST-RGB, I could see that Nomadic engineers knew what they were doing.

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  • Nomadic_P2000UST-RGB_Color - Projector Reviews Images
  • Nomadic_P2000UST-RGB_Color - Projector Reviews Images
  • Nomadic_P2000UST-RGB_Color - Projector Reviews Images
  • Nomadic_P2000UST-RGB_Color - Projector Reviews Images

The out-of-the-box color performance of the NOMVDIC P2000UST-RGB is excellent. The company makes full use of the Appotronics ALPD 4.0 laser light source. NOMVDIC lists the P2000UST-RGB laser light source as being able to display colors that reach 100 percent of the BT2020 color space, which is not surprising considering the ALPD 4.0 laser light source. This type of laser can more than display lifelike colors in both SDR and HDR content and has excellent contrast ratios.

NOMVDIC has included a variety of ways for users to fine-tune the displayed image, from basic color, tint, and brightness adjustments to a full-featured CMS (Color Management System). Nomadic has also included the ability to adjust the displayed image to compensate for several common wall colors for users not using a projection screen. Wall color compensation is a nice feature and works decently for neutral-colored surfaces. Still, I strongly recommend using a projection screen with this or any projector to get the best possible performance.

The P2000UST-RGB has a total of 8 preset picture modes. Two modes are for SDR, and six preset modes are for HDR. Some SDR and HDR preset picture modes share the same name but do not perform identically. The modes for HDR are TV and MOVIE. The SDR modes are BRIGHTEST, TV, MOVIE, GAMING, LOW BLUE LIGHT, and USER.

The MOVIE and TV modes were the most accurate out of the box. I did notice some specular artifacts in the red colors, which is not unusual for an RGB laser projector but it is there. 

Since your room and screen material significantly impact the overall picture, we don't recommend using someone else's calibration adjustments. If your room is brighter/darker or your walls are a different color, your settings would probably be different. Also, the color characteristics of different individual projectors can vary. Therefore, copying someone else's results can be detrimental to the picture quality rather than improving it. However, I am including my specific room before and after calibration results.

We use Portrait Displays Calman color calibration software to test the projector's color accuracy.

Pre-Calibration Color Tracking and Grayscale

Leica Cine 1 Calibration Graph - Projector Reviews - Image

In the MOVIE picture mode, the RGB balance had an average DeltaE of 7.9, which is average for a Laser TV. The color temperature measured 8038K, which means the image was noticeably cool compared to my target of 6500K. The measured Gamma was 2.12, close to my target of 2.2.

The P2000UST-RGB has an RGB laser light source that can reproduce an extremely wide color gamut. This is beneficial when viewing HDR material master in either DCI-P3 or BT.2020. However, when viewing content captured in Rec709, bright colors were over-saturated.

While the colors were oversaturated, and there were noticeable Hue shifts, especially in magenta and green, the overall color tracking was above average compared to other triple laser projectors we measured. The good news is that the P2000UST-RGB includes a full set of color and CMS adjustments to improve the projector's color tracking.

  • Picture Mode: MOVIE
  • Gamma: 2.1
  • Color Temperature: 8038K
  • Average Grayscale dE: 7.9
  • Average Color Tracking dE: 4.32

Post-Calibration Color Tracking and Grayscale

Leica Cine 1 Calibration Graph - Projector Reviews - Image

We calibrated the USER picture preset for viewing SDR because it offered the most adjustability. Under USER mode, we switched the COLOR TEMP set to USER, and then using 2-point white balance adjustments, we reduced the BLUE and got very close to 6500K. So once we quickly adjusted the WHITE BALANCE, the grayscale was very good.

Once the BRIGHTNESS was adjusted, we switched the GAMMA setting to 2.35 to get closer to the gamma target 2.2.

We used the CMS adjustments to correct the color shift (Hue) and reduce most of the oversaturation but we could correct bright red and blue. 

  • Picture Mode: USER
  • Gamma: 2.16 
  • Color Temperature: 6485K 
  • Average Grayscale dE: 1.44
  • Average Color Tracking dE: 1.78

Delta E measurement of 3 or less is considered ‘Excellent’ and imperceptible by the human eye. After calibration, the grayscale average DeltaE was just 1.7, which is very good. The average post-calibration Color Tracking dE was just 1.45, which is also great.

HDR Grayscale Measurement Before and After

Leica Cine 1 Calibration Graph - Projector Reviews - Image

According to the manufacturer, the NOMVDIC P2000 UST-RGB can reproduce up to 100% of BT.2020. While this much color is overkill when viewing SDR or Rec709 material, it makes HDR content vibrant.

When set to MOVIE (HDR10) picture mode, the projector's grayscale average DeltaE was just 7.9, noticeably blue-ish cool. The unit's RGB balance was quickly improved using the projector's 2-point Grayscale adjustments (GAIN / OFFSET).

Note the picture adjustments for both HDR10 are independent of SDR settings.

Like the SDR, the settings adjustments per input are independent, so desired settings must be manually copied to another input.

Most P2000UST-RGB owners are not going to have their projectors professionally calibrated, but they will be perfectly happy with its out-of-the-box color reproduction. 

If you want to make BRIGHTNESS, CONTRAST, and SHARPNESS adjustments to optimize your projector for your room, several free test patterns are available on Murideo’s  website and YouTube channel. Check out our YouTube video on utilizing several test patterns called Optimize The Image of a Projector or TV Using Free Murideo Test Patterns. Murideo also has written instructions located under the resource section of its website. 


  • Nomadic_P2000RGB-UST_Brightness - Projector Reviews Images
  • Nomadic_P2000RGB-UST_Brightness - Projector Reviews Images
  • Nomadic_P2000RGB-UST_Brightness - Projector Reviews Images
  • Nomadic_P2000RGB-UST_Brightness - Projector Reviews Images
  • Nomadic_P2000RGB-UST_Brightness - Projector Reviews Images

NOMVDIC rates the brightness of the P2000UST-RGB projector at 2,500 ANSI Lumens, and my measurements support the company's claim. The P2000UHD-RGB displayed an incredibly bright image with crisp whites that still showed excellent highlight detail.

The P2000UST-RGB is classified as a Laser TV and will likely be used in rooms with uncontrolled ambient light sources like lamps or windows. Users expect that they can enjoy lights on viewing. I’m glad to say that this was my experience with the P2000UST-RGB. The projector produced a watchable image in situations with all of the room's lamps turned on. The darker the room, the better, but the projector's RGB laser light source displayed excellent colors even with the lights on. Dark area detail takes the biggest performance hit with lights on viewing. Still, the projector's ability to produce pleasantly saturated colors helps compensate for losing dark blacks and some shadow details.

I set the projector to BRIGHTEST mode, the brightest picture mode available, and turned off any energy-saving features. I then took 3-4 readings about 15-20% out from the center of the screen. The NOMVDIC P2000UST-RGB measured 2,515 ANSI lumens, slightly above the manufacturer's rated brightness.

The projector’s more accurate picture modes did reduce the projector light output, but there was still more than enough brightness for viewing both SDR and HDR content on a 100″ screen in a room with uncontrolled ambient light.

The chart below shows the brightness measurements of the P2000UST-RGB’s various HDR and SDR preset picture modes.

NOMVDIC P2000UST-RGB Preset Brightness
TV (HDR)863 ANSI Lumens
MOVIE (HDR)855 ANSI Lumens
TV (SDR)2134 ANSI Lumens
MOVIE (SDR)2090 ANSI Lumens
GAMING (SDR)2267 ANSI Lumens
USER (SDR)1910 ANSI Lumens



  • Nomadic_P2000UST-RGB_HDR - Projector Reviews Images
  • Nomadic_P2000UST-RGB_HDR - Projector Reviews Images
  • Nomadic_P2000UST-RGB_HDR - Projector Reviews Images
  • Nomadic_P2000UST-RGB_HDR - Projector Reviews Images
  • Nomadic_P2000UST-RGB_HDR - Projector Reviews Images

The NOMVDIC P2000UST-RGB supports HDR10 and HLG. Out-of-the-box HDR performance will appeal to customers who like their content a little oversaturated, especially the reds. HDR content looked great on the P2000UST-RGB.

Looking at the photo of Samuel L Jackson in Spider-man: Far From Home, you can see the excellent job that the P2000 does, providing both dark area details and bright area highlights in the explosion taking place outside the window. The image from Passengers is one that I like to use a lot because the details in the star outside the port are often either hard to see or require black levels to be elevated into lighter grays. The P2000UST-RGB has no issues displaying dark area details without sacrificing black levels.

The shot from Thor Love and Thunder shows off this projector's excellent HDR performance with lots of the bright area details in the window behind Zeus, all while displaying extended but accurate colors of the people and objects in the foreground. With 4K HDR content, this projector has the potential to deliver video with an expanded color space that displays better highlight and shadow details. However, even the brightest HDR projectors struggle to reproduce HDR. For the most part, the P2000UST-RGB did an admirable job balancing between delivering respectable on-screen brightness while still producing visible highlight detail.


  • Nomadic_P2000UST-RGB_SDR - Projector Reviews Images
  • Nomadic_P2000UST-RGB_SDR - Projector Reviews Images
  • Nomadic_P2000RGB-UST_SDR - Projector Reviews Images
  • Nomadic_P2000RGB-UST_SDR - Projector Reviews Images
  • Nomadic_P2000UST-RGB_SDR - Projector Reviews Images

Most TV shows and live broadcasts are produced in HD and will continue to be for many years, so good 4K upscaling capabilities are critical when displaying this type of content. The P2000UST-RGB did an excellent job upscaling content from various HD sources, from 720P content on YouTube to 1080p Blu-ray content and even news content from CNN. It all looked very good.

Most 4K movies do not have enough fine detail to make the difference between watching 4K SDR and upscaled HD noticeable. In addition, quality optics combined with adjustable focus resulted in sharp detail across the entire screen.

The video processor used in the P2000UST-RGB delivered good onscreen brightness while maintaining highlight detail with HDR picture quality that is as good as, if not better than, many more expensive Laser TV models from established manufacturers.

You can see in the screenshots I’ve provided that the P2000UST-RGB does an excellent job displaying very natural-looking upscaled high-definition and native 4K UHD images. All photographs are unadjusted for color, so they may not look as good as what the projector produced.

The P2000UST-RGB comes with motion compensation technology that, when turned on, uses frame interpolation technology to smooth the image by reducing judder and blur. Users can reduce seeing after images that are generated when viewing fast-moving objects.

You can see in the screenshots I’ve provided that the P2000UST-RGB does an excellent job displaying very natural-looking upscaled high-definition and native 4K UHD images. All photographs are unadjusted for color, so they may not look as good as what the projector produced.

The NOMVDIC P2000UST-RGB comes with motion compensation technology that, when turned on, uses frame interpolation technology to smooth the image by reducing judder and blur. Users can reduce seeing afterimages that are generated when viewing videos containing fast-moving objects.


  • Nomadic_P2000RGB-UST_Blacks - Projector Reviews Images
  • Nomadic_P2000UST-RGB_Blacks - Projector Reviews Images
  • Nomadic_P2000UST-RGB_Blacks - Projector Reviews Images
  • Nomadic_P2000UST-RGB_Blacks - Projector Reviews Images
  • Nomadic_P2000UST-RGB_Blacks#3 - Projector Reviews Images

NOMVDIC lists the P2000UST-RGB as having a 3,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. Out-of-the-box, the projector's black level is good, appearing better than many more expensive laser DLP projectors I have reviewed. Frankly, NOMVDIC exceeded my expectations with the projector's black-level performance. The P2000UST-RGB is a Laser TV and, as such, is designed to be used in rooms with low to moderate ambient light. The expectation in these environments should be that black levels are typically the first to take a serious hit.

As you can see in the images above, the P2000UST-RGB does a very good job reproducing shadow details. Overall, I was impressed with the black levels of the P2000, when viewing all types of SDR and HDR Content. Pairing the projector with a good quality ALR screen should help further improve black levels in most rooms,


Nomadic_P2000RGB-UST_Mkting_Sound - Projector Reviews Images

The NOMVDIC P2000UST-RGB is turning out to be the complete laser TV package with an excellent-sounding Harmon Kardon 25-watt x2 Dolby Digital and DTS sound system. NOMVDIC has produced a Laser TV that delivers a dynamic sound that comes from all over the room. This projector offers a pleasant amount of mid-bass that does not completely distort as the sound is turned up. The P2000UST-RGB also has a 3.5 audio out, so users can plug it into an external sound system or just add on a powered subwoofer.

Movies like Top Gun: Maverick and even the hallway gun battle scene at the end of Lucy sounded excellent, rivaling many entry-level sound bars I've listened to.


Nomadic_P2000RGB-UST_Marketing - Projector Reviews Images

The Laser TV category is no longer a new segment of the projection market. Almost all the traditional consumer electronics manufacturers make ultra-short projectors for the home entertainment market, with some companies like Hisense releasing their sixth-generation products. The past few years have seen performance increases in key features like brightness and resolution.

The ultra-short throw home projector market is flourishing, and with the introduction of native 4K DLP sensors seemingly right around the corner, it should only get bigger.

Another element driving the growth of the Laser TV category is the avalanche of new projector manufacturers financing product development and manufacture through the use of crowdfunding. These companies offer cutting-edge products at highly competitive prices, and consumers want more. The potential downside to strategy is that the quality of these products is a mixed bag at best.

The NOMVDIC P2000UST-RGB is an example of the best of this marketing process: a projector packed with powerful features, the best tech, and all at an incredibly competitive price.

NOMVDIC seems to get that making a great projector requires both high-quality technology and a keen understanding of how to get the best performance out of that tech.

Nomadic_P2000RGB-UST_4K - Projector Reviews Images

The P2000UST-RGB’s Appotronics ALPD 4.0 triple laser light source is a large part of what makes this projector the beast and a big reason why I’m so impressed with it. Unlike so many RGB laser projectors, the NOMVDICs out-of-the-box performance is balanced rather than over-saturated. Picture quality only gets better after calibrating the projector. Not everything is perfect. For example, the projector produces a very noticeable red laser speckle.

The P2000UST-RGB retails for $2,999 and meets the manufacturer's brightness rating of 2500 ANSI Lumens. The P2000UST-RGB is bright enough to be used in rooms with unwanted ambient light sources or as a lights-on viewing projector, maintaining excellent color details and decent on-screen contrast.

The P2000UST-RGB utilizes a 0.47-inch Texas Instruments DLP imager with XPR technology to create a beautifully detailed 4K on-screen image. The projector's mult-element short-throw lens displays an incredibly uniform picture with no visible hot spotting or chromatic aberration. The NOMVDIC P2000UST-RGB can display an image of any size between 65 and 150 inches diagonally, and the digital focus system makes it incredibly easy to dial in this projector's focus from the remote.

The projector displays decent blacks with excellent shadow detail that is Better than many DLP projectors in its class. The P2000UST-RGB supports HDR10 and HLG-encoded content, and it does a good job balancing onscreen bright and visible highlight details.

The P2000UST-RGB uses an operating system based on Google’s popular Android software and supports Chromecast and Airplay devices. The projector is Smart capable, but without access to Google Play, users must depend on an external HDMI streaming device to access the most popular streaming services like Netflix. Nomadic includes an Amazon Firestick 4K Max HDMI media device, providing customers access to the most popular media platform with thousands of apps, games, moves, music, and more. The Firestick 4K Max effectively upgrades the projector's WiFi performance to WiFi 6e and Bluetooth to version 5.0. The menus and controls are smartly integrated, providing an easy-to-use, well-laid-out navigation experience. 

The built-in 25-watt x2 Harmon Kardon sound system does an excellent job providing big audio performance that competes with many soundbars. The P2000UST-RGB has analog and digital audio outputs and eARC connectivity for connecting to external sound solutions if you want bigger sound. Users should enjoy the sound that this projector is capable of producing.



The Optoma CinemaX D2+ offers 4K displayed resolution via a single chip Texas Instruments DLP imager. This new Optoma projector is designed to deliver sharper, lifelike images and richer colors, allowing viewers to sit close to the screen and enjoy an immersive viewing experience.

NOMVDIC uses an ALPD 4.0 triple laser light source compared to Optoma’s single blue laser light source. However, the CinemaX D2 series is rated to produce 3,000 lumens of brightness, which is about 500 more than the P2000UST-RGB. Both projectors provide excellent lights-on viewing capabilities. NOMVDIC rates the P2000UST-RGB’s dynamic contrast at 3,000,000:1 compared to Optoma’s impressive but lower 1,800,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio.

The new CinemaX D2+ series supports HDR10 and HLG and can display a 100-inch image while sitting less than 12 inches away from a screen. The NOMVDIC P2000UST-RGB and the Optoma CinemaX D2 series projectors offer powerful color management systems, but Otpoma takes this one step further, providing ISF-calibrated picture modes.

Hisense PX2-Pro $2998 MSRP

The Hisense PX2-PRO and the NOMVDIC P2000UST-RGB offer comparable features and benefits. Both projectors use bright triple laser light sources and can display the full BT2020 color gamut. The NOMVDIC’s brightness is 2,500 ANSI, with the Hisense rated at 2,400 ANSI lumens.

We talk a lot about Hisense and their excellent understanding of color science, but in this comparison, the color performance of the P2000UST-RGB is on par with Hisense. Both the P2000UST-RGB and the PX2-PRO offer digital focus adjustment. Still, the Nomadic projector can display up to a 150-inch image. In contrast, the Hisense stops at 130 inches.

Both projectors support HDR-encoded content. However, the Hisense PX2-PRO supports Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos content, but the NOMVDIC P2000UST-RGB does not. The dynamic metadata found in Dolby Vision content does make a noticeable improvement to HDR tone mapping.

Both projectors offer big onboard sound systems that easily compete with entry-level soundbars, but once again, I like that Hisense supports Dolby Atmos sound where NOMVDIC does not.

While it is very nice that Nomadic has included an Amazon Firestick 4K Max with purchase, Hisense has partnered with Google to provide users a fully integrated Google TV OS experience with access to the entire gamut of Google and Google-compatible services, including live TV, built into the projector.

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While the NOMVDIC P2000 UST-RGB is the brand's first Laser TV, it is a very good projector. It offers good performance from a beautifully designed package for less than $3000.  It is worth serious consideration if you are ready to step up to a massive screen experience from the size limitations of a flat-panel television.


  • 2,500 ANSI Lumens of brightness allows for excellent lights-on viewing.
  • Even in challenging environments, the ALPD 4.0 RGB laser light source produces excellent color.
  • 25,000-Hour Light Source Life
  • 4K UHD resolution displays an incredibly detailed on-screen image.
  • 3X HDMI Inputs (2x HDMI 2.1, 1x HDMI 2.0)
  • Fully 3D compatible.
  • Supports both Google Chromecast and Apple Airplay wireless casting technology.
  • Includes an Amazon Firestick 4K Max for access to the most popular ecosystem, including apps, movies, TV shows, games, and the world's largest shopping experience.
  • HDR-10 and HLG content compatible
  • Beautiful new design.
  • 1-year limited warranty


  • No Dolby Vision support
  • USB 2.0 not 3.0 connections
  • The projector displays red laser speckle


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Full Specifications
Projector ModelP2000UST-RGB
Price$2,899 MSRP
Imager TypeDLP (0.47” DMD)
Displayed Resolution3840 x 2160 pixels (4K e-shift)
Native Resolution1920 x 1080 pixels
Brightness (Manufacturer Claim)2500 ANSI lumens
Light Source TypeALPD 4.0 Tri-Color Laser
Light Source Life25,000 hours (ECO)
Contrast Ratio3,000.000.1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio
Zoom Lens RatioFixed
Power Zoom/FocusYes Digital Focus
Lens ShiftNo
Interchangeable LensNo
Ultra-Short ThrowYes
Native Aspect Ratio16x9
Blu-Ray 3DYes
Speakers50 watts (25 x2)
Noise Level (-dB) 
Low Lag GamingYes
Smart FunctionalityYes
Special Features 
Dimensions (HxWxD)23.7” x 16.7” x 6.2” inches (604*426*153 mm)
Weight23.3 lbs (10.6 kg)
Warranty1 years

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