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Optoma Introduces The ZU920T and ZU920TST High Brightness Business Projectors

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Today at Infocomm in Las Vegas, NV, Optoma, the number one Digital Light Processing (DLP) brand worldwide, introduced two new High Brightness WUXGA Laser Projectors explicitly designed for the education and corporate markets.

These new, powerful Optoma projectors called the ZU920T and ZU920TST are a big addition to Optoma's DuraCore line of laser projectors. Optoma's DuraCore laser installation projectors are precision engineered to deliver exceptionally lifelike, rich images over years of 24/7 continuous operation. These projectors are designed to maintain consistent light output regardless of their installation orientation.

Designed for the professional installation market, the ZU920T and ZU920TST fixed-lens WUXGA laser projectors are engineered for dependability. These two new projectors feature cutting-edge Optoma imaging technology that delivers in spades on brightness, accurate color reproduction, installation flexibility, and reliability. These new projectors are designed to deliver stunning imagery and make your content look captivating.

This new series of projectors is the follow-up of Optoma's award-winning ZU720T projector series, the new ZU920T series offers the best features and benefits of its predecessor, including high brightness, color precision, and quiet operation.

"Building on the success of the ZU720T series, we are thrilled to expand our line of DuraCore laser ProScene projectors, which will further address the various needs of our ProAV customers," said Jeffrey Perry, Product Manager at Optoma.  

Awarded "Best of Show" at InfoComm 2022, the ZU920TST offers an impressive 0.65:1 short-throw ratio alternative designed to allow the projector to be used in a wide range of installation scenarios and professional environments. These include short-throw digital signage, edge-blending, projection mapping, simulation, and immersive installations.

ZU920T Business Projector Back View
Built on the highly successful ZU720T series of projectors

Even though these projectors are designed primarily for the professional market, both the ZU920T and ZU920TST are 4K compatible. In addition, the ZU920T and ZU920TST offer HDR compatibility. High Dynamic Range (HDR) allows for more contrast between light and dark areas of a displayed image. HDR projectors show more subtle details and a wider color gamut than Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) projectors and present colors closer to those our eyes can typically see. Capable of receiving and displaying HDR meta data, Optoma HDR compatible projectors allow you to see far more detail and texture. Objects look more solid and life like and the extra detail creates a greater sense of depth. It’s like looking through a window.

The ZU920T and ZU920TST can display 9,800 lumens and a 3,000,000:1 contrast ratio, producing lifelike visuals with rich detail and bright colors. Designed to meet the demand for high brightness products that do not require interchangeable lenses, the ZU920T series offers a fixed, telecentric lens design with full motorized lens shift and 1.6x motorized zoom and focus. It delivers the same flexibility of interchangeable lens solutions at affordable price points. 

Like other Optoma projectors featuring their DuraCore technology, the ZU920T series projectors are dust-resistant with an IP5X-certified optical engine. This IP protection provides for the projector's 24/7 operation capabilities, offering true maintenance-free projection for up to 30,000 hours of powerful performance in Eco mode. With Optoma's innovative laser diode cooling techniques, the projector runs more efficiently, uses less power, and is compact and quiet compared to lamp based projectors. This combination ensures a long life and outstanding, consistent high brightness. The ZU920T and ZU920TST are capable of continuous 24-hour operation and feature built-in edge-blending, warping, four-corner correction, 360-degree, and portrait installation modes, the ZU920T series provides superior versatility to accommodate even the most complex installations.

"Designed to fulfill the performance needs of nearly every ProAV segment, our full line-up of high-brightness, fixed-lens WUXGA laser projectors offers our end-users an array of robust display solutions that simplify installations and enhance visual experiences," said Jeffrey Perry, Product Manager at Optoma. 

The Optoma Management Suite (OMS)™ is available on the ZU920T and ZU720T series as an additional value-added solution. OMS offers IT administrators and technicians a real-time remote platform to simultaneously monitor, manage, and diagnose multiple displays. OMS enables technicians to check the status and make configurations to optimize performance and broadcast emergency messages, alerts, or announcements across on-site displays.

  • Resolution: WUXGA (1,920 x 1,200p)
  • Brightness: 9,800 lumens
  • Contrast ratio: 3,000,000:1 with Extreme Black enabled
  • Color: HDR compatibility
  • ZU920TST Throw Ratio: 0.65:1
  • Light Source: DuraCore laser with up to 30,000 hours of operation (Eco mode)
  • Image size: Up to 300"
  • Flexible installation features:1.6x zoom, 24/7, 360-degree and portrait mode operation, built-in edge-blending, warping, full motorized lens shift, and four-corner correction
  • I/Os: 2x HDMI in/1 HDMI out, HDBaseT, VGA, 3D Sync in and out, 12V trigger, LAN, RS-232 control, and 2x 10W speakers with audio in/out

The ZU920T is currently available for an estimated street price of $10,999 US and CAD $14,299 in the U.S. and Canada. 

The ZU920TST is available for an estimated street price in the U.S. and Canada of $12,999 US / $16,999 CAD.

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