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AAXA Pico Projector - Physical Tour

Posted on September 27, 2013 by Art Feierman

AAXA L1 Pico Projector Appearance

The AAXA L1 is a pretty simple looking device. Not a lot of styling but it is a durable projector with no apparent physical weaknesses. Dimensions are about the same size as an iphone but just more depth at .8 inches. It is light at 170 grams so you barely notice it in your laptop bag. The only physical limitation I noticed was that it did not have a tripod mount hole on the bottom. However a separate mounting bracket is included for this purpose. Just to note, the threaded hole is recessed under a cone pictured below. A longer screw than most tripods have might be necessary. Most Pico projectors do have the tripod hole built in, so mounting to any tripod is easy.

AAXA L1 Pico Projector Control Panel

Click to enlarge. So close. The L1 does have a pretty full featured control panel. It is also backlit. This is especially important since you will be working in the dark when you use this projector. Was impressed that they took the time to add the backlight, it might have made the projector almost too frustrating to setup had they not built in this feature.

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AAXA Pico Inputs

Click to enlarge. So close. The L1 comes with a special VGA cable to connect your laptop to the projector. This port is also used to connect a RCA and S-video signal. Right next to the video input port is the AC power to either charge the battery or run the projector under AC power. To read files, it has a USB port for the included 2 GB thumb drive.  Also on the projector is a 3.5mm headphone jack. A tiny reset pin hole is also built into the projector to get it back to original factory settings.

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AAXA Pico Menus

Being that the AAXA L1 has a control panel it also means you have a pretty extensive menu system. You have a substantial amount of control over the projectors functions. You can control the language, the volume and all your documents. It is not as intuitive as one might think and the manual will be required to get around smoothly at first, but there is no doubt it is full featured. There is quite a bit going on in terms of the interface. I liken it to using an actual PC computer in some areas of the menu system.

AAXA Pico Menus Slideshow




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