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Optoma EH320USTi Ultra-Short Throw Projector Review - Hardware Tour 2

Posted on March 18, 2016 by Art Feierman
Optoma EH320USTi Projector - Hardware Tour 2:  Menus The EH320USTi has a fairly straight-forward menu structure with 4 top-level menu categories, as described in the sections below.  I did note that Optoma has elected to have the setup and control of the projector's interactive functions only available from a connected computer, rather than having the projector itself incorporate built-in menu items for the interactive functions.

Image Menu

The above photos are from the projector's Image Menu and certain sub-menus.  The top level image menu, as shown in the 1st photo above, provides access to the basic picture adjustment functions.  The 2nd and 3rd photos show the 7 available display (i.e., Picture) modes.   This projector, as well as certain other models from Optoma, has the limitation that the picture adjustments (e.g., brightness, contrast, etc.) generally cannot be changed from their factory default values except in User Display Mode.  Since this model only offers one User mode that means that only a single set of user settings can be entered and stored for later use.  This could be a real limitation for certain applications, especially where none of the factory preset display modes are considered acceptable.

The 4th photo shows the Advanced image sub-menu.  This sub-menu offers several picture adjustment options that can be selected and saved for the User display mode.  The 5th photo shows the sub-menu (under the Advance sub-menu) for RGB Gain/Bias.  These controls would normally be used for calibrating the color temperature/grey scale of the projector.  However, I found that three gain controls failed to work as intended.  I reported this issue to Optoma and perhaps it can be addressed via a firmware update.

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Display Menu

Optoma EH320USTi-Menu-6

The above photo shows the Display Menu.  This menu provides access for selecting such things as the display format (aspect ratio), digital zoom and vertical keystone correction.  Also the 3D sub-menu can be displayed (not shown above).

Setup Menu

The above photos are from the projector's Setup Menu and sub-menus.  The 1st photo shows the first page of the top-level setup menu while the 2nd photo shows the sub-menu for selecting the projector/screen configuration (i.e., projector mounted above vs. below the screen and either for front vs. rear projection).  The 3rd photo shows the second page of the Setup menu while the 4th photo shows the Network sub-menu.

Options menu

The 1st photo above shows page 1 of the projector's Options Menu and the 2nd photo shows the second page of the Options Menu.  The 3rd photo above shows the Advanced options sub-menu.

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