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Optoma EH320USTi Ultra-Short Throw Projector Review - Special Features

Posted on March 18, 2016 by Art Feierman
Optoma EH320USTi Ultra-Short Throw Interactive Projector - Special Features:  Interactive White Board, Networking, DICOM Simulation Mode

Interactive White Board

Optoma EH320USTi-white board

The EH320USTi offers interactive features a little different than with the other brands of interactive ultra short throw projectors that I have reviewed.  First the interactive pens are simply passive molded plastic devices rather than the typical active pens with a a built-in infrared emitter.  The second thing I noted is the projector's menus do not have any functions directly related to setting up or using the projector's interactive features.  Rather the interactive features are to be setup and controlled through a connected computer running the Optoma supplied software.

The EH320USTi comes with two interactive pens as shown in the photo below.

Optoma EH320USTi-Pens

As noted above, these are just passive molded plastic pens whose position when touching the white board is detected in the same manner as is a finger touch (described below)

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The above photos show the small "TouchBeam Interactive" module that is included with the EH320USTi projector.  This module is intended to be mounted just above the white board (as seen in top photo on this page) with its infrared laser beams scanning just in front of the white board's surface.  When a pen or finger touches the white board it's tip is illuminated by the laser beam and the projector's built-in camera detects the pen or finger position relative to the projected image.  The touch module is powered through a supplied cable that is to be plugged into the projector's "12v Out" connector.

Unlike many other brands of interactive projectors, the UH320USTi's menus do not include items for setting up or using the projector's interactive features.  Rather, the setup and use of the interactive features are handled via a connected computer (connected via a supplied USB cable), using the Optoma supplied software.

The final result is what counts and the EH320USTi offers interactive performance similar to competing interactive projectors.  That means it does what it is intended to do in that after the initial setup it provides accurate correlation between the presenter's finger touch, or pen touch, position and the information being displayed on the white board.   Optoma provides a separate instrucrtion manual for the "TouchBeam Interactive" module.  Note that both the projector's user manual and the manual for the Touchbeam Interactive module are only offered in electronic form, as the projector only comes with a paper copy of a simple quick start guide.


The EH320USTi has support for control and management via conventional RS232 systems.  It also is support "dynamic discovery protocol" allowing for installation with AMX control systems.  Finally it is compatible Crestron RoomView® software you can power on/off, monitor, manage and control up to 250 projectors at the same time from any computer over the local area network.  The EH320USTi is connected to the wired LAN via the projector's RJ45 network connector.  The networked PC equipped with the management/control software allows the manager to:

  • Schedule the projectors to power on/off.
  • Control and alter the projector settings using the simple web browser.
  • Emergency text broadcast capabilities for urgent or important announcements.
  • Automatically receive email updates for lamp maintenance.

Optoma offers an optional (extra cost) wireless network adapter that, when installed, allows presentations to be made via WiFi from a PC, laptop or mobile device.

DICOM Simuation Mode

In addition to the usual Picture modes, Optoma has included  DICOM Simulation mode intended to display images approximating the DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine) Part 14 Grayscale Standard Display Function used with B/W medical imaging (such as X-rays).  This mode optimizes black/gray/white detail with a custom gamma curve.  The DICOM SIM. option is for training/reference only and should not be used for actual diagnosis.  Thus the DICOM Simulation mode offered by the EH320USTi is intended for medical educational training purposes, such as at medical schools.


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