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Optoma HD141X Projector Review - Hardware Tour 2

Posted on October 12, 2014 by Art Feierman

HD141X Remote Control



The Optoma's remote control is medium sized, fits easily on an average, or small hand, and is pretty light weight.  It runs on a pair of provided AAA batteries.

One of the most obvious things about this remote control is its exceptionally bright backlight.  I've actually complained that Optoma remotes like this one are too bright, in that they are almost blinding if you are in a fully darkened room and the remote lights up while you are trying to adjust color settings.  That's OK in this case, as this projector really isn't likely to end up in the darkest of rooms, such as a dedicated home theater.  With a little ambient light, the backlight seems reasonable.

Let's tour the remote control from the top left!

Power switches - ON on the left, Off on the right! That's easy enough.

Next come the three User buttons - 1, 2, and 3.  These allow you to select what functions you want them to do.  The defaults are:

1.  Color Settings

2.  Color Temp

3.  Gamma

the other options you can select instead, are:  HDMI Link (to control other HDMI link compatible devices), Test Pattern, and A/V Mute.

Next come a whole host of convenience buttons that get you right to one specific function or another, directly, without having to navigate the menus.  By row, they are:

Brightness - Contrast - Color Mode

Keystone Correction - Aspect Ratio - 3D

Mute (audio) - Dynamic Black - Sleep Timer

Next up is the navigation area, which sports four arrow keys is a roundish configuration.  The Enter button is in the center.  When not in menu mode, those buttons double as:

Source (left arrow), Re-sync (right arrow) improves sync to analog computer sources, if needed, Up and down arrows double as volume up and down.

The Menu button is found to the lower left of the navigation ring.

That leaves only the individual sources:  HDMI1 with MHL, HDMI2, two VGA, Composite video and Component video!

All considered a really, really nice remote control for such a low cost projector. Too many remotes for projectors under $1000 have no backlight (annoying), and some are even credit card type remotes, which I'm definitely not a fan of, and besides the credit card remotes never have the really good range that this remote has.  20 feet with a bounce of the screen works!


HD141X Menus

For such an inexpensive projector, it sure has plenty of menus.  Oh, more expensive projectors have more features, but still, Optoma puts a lot of options on there for you.

Our slide show has captions with info on many of these menus.

Main Menus, Sub-Menus, and Comments

Color Mode menu

Main Image menu, select color modes and basic controls like brightness and contrast

Image - Advanced Menu

Advanced controls like Brilliant Color, Dynamic Black (off/on), color management (CMS) and grayscale adjustments

Dynamic Black control

Uses lamp dimming

CMS and Color Temp

Primary and secondary color controls, as well as white, for grayscale (color temp) balance

CMS - One Color

Adjust the Hue Saturation and Brightness

Grayscale - Color Temp

Only offers a single control for each color, a real limitation. Most offer two controls one for brighter, one for darker ranges

Display Menu

Aspect ratio, digital zoom (from .8x to 2.0x, and image shift, also edge masking for eliminating edge noise. 3D controls


3D controls including choosing DLP-Link or optional RF control

Setup Menu

Basic stuff, like selecting from 27 languages for menus, to placement of the menus, as well as audio controls and security

Menu Locations

There are five choices available, via a very iconic menu

Audio Settings

Internal 10 watt speaker - off/on, but it goes off anyway if a cable plugged into output


Lock out the control panel, set timer

Setup Advanced Menu

Logo capture - Grab a favorite image, and make it your background screen

Options Menu

Wide range of features including Lamp Power modes, source selection, high altitude mode, test patterns,

2nd page of Options

Background color, lamp controls, HDMI controls, Advanced controls

Lamp Menu

Choices vary depending on Preset color mode, for example, Dynamic not available in Reference, but only Dynamic available in Cinema. Other choices are Full power and Eco

Power and Sleep timers

Sleep time lets you set a specific number of minutes before shutdown

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