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Optoma HD23 Projector Calibration and Settings 2

Posted on July 16, 2013 by Art Feierman

Optoma HD23 Post Calibration Grayscale: User Mode

Color Temp over IRE Range (Post calibration)
Cinema User
20 IRE 6324 6540
30 IRE 6427 6552
40 IRE 6466 6501
50 IRE 6621 6508
60 IRE 6702 6516
70 IRE 6642 6540
80 IRE 6448 6474
90 IRE 6477 6492
100 IRE 6500 6387

Excellent results in User our "best" mode, also very good in Cinema - our "brightest" mode selection!  Numbers are degree's Kelvin.

Average gamma= 2.24

HD23 RGB Settings

Header Content
  Cinema User (on Film gamma)
Gain R (1) 4 (3) 4
G (-1) 4 (0) 3
B (0) -4 (1) -11
Bias R (-1) 1 (-1)
G (-1) (-1)
B (-1) -2 (-1)

Lumens at 100 IRE:     1117                           713

So, how did we get such excellent numbers - and color accuracy?  Easy, just plug in these settings into your HD23 projector.  You may not notice any great differences, as the Optoma's rather excellent right out of the box, especially for such a low cost projector.

HD23 Post Calibration settings:
Calibration settings for modes as shown.  All other settings as on first page UNO.

Mike provided these additional notes, regarding the ability to calibrate different settings, limitations, etc.:

NOTE: Grayscale calibrated very well with both modes, but was really excellent in User mode.  However, gamma was smoother in Cinema mode.  I did both Cinema and User because I felt that skin tones looked better in User mode than they did in Cinema mode.  The trade off is the big drop lumen output in User mode.  Delta E was excellent with both modes as well.  As was the case with the HD33, the CIE graph is better than a lot of DLP projectors that have undersaturated or yellowy-greens.  It was particularly accurate in User mode, easily equal to more expensive projectors.

Bottom line, the HD23 produces very good color to start, but can have an even better image if calibrated. Even default settings should more than satisfy most owners. But, if you want the best possible (I'll assume you aren't paying hundreds for a calibration), try these settings.

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