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Optoma HD23 Projector - Physical Tour

Posted on July 16, 2013 by Art Feierman
This Optoma HD23 shares a physical appearance, and overall exterior design, that is similar to other lower cost Optoma home, business, and education projectors. Let's take a look.

Optoma HD23 Projector - Appearance

The Optoma HD23 projector is one of the smallest home theater projectors out there. It's finished in a shiny white case.  Although generally rectangular looking, it does have some style, with curved corners and a sloping front.  I'd say it has some flair.  Of course, it's what comes out of the lens that really counts, but, hey, this Optoma HD23 is visibly cute and small when the lights are on, and the projector off. That "should" help with the "wife factor", if you are putting it in a family room or living room.

The zoom lens is offset to the right side (looking from the front). Control Panel is on the top, As is the zoom ring for the lens.  All the Inputs and connectors are located in the back.

That lens is a 1.2:1 manual zoom. That's typical minimal placement flexibility for low cost DLP projectors, but far less than competing, but a bit more expensive 3LCD projectors which typically have lenses sporting anywhere from 1.5:1, to as much as 2:1 which is truly great placement flexibility.

The main exhaust vent is located on the front - left side.  It blows hot air forward to the right.  You probably don't want to be sitting 2 feet forward of the projector and 2 feet to the right.  It will get toasty right there.

HD23 Control Panel

The control panel is on top towards the back.

From the left: Source and Menu buttons, then the navigation area with four arrow keys in a circle, and the Enter button in the center. On the right is the power switch (one for On, two for Off).

HD23 Projector - Input/Output

The HD23 has what you expect for an entry level or near entry level 1080p projector.  From the left, a small service port, then the usual analog computer input (VGA/Scart/Component).  Next comes the three color coded RCA jacks that are the first component video input (you can use the VGA port as a second, if you don't have a computer hooked up).  There's also a yellow RCA for composite video.

That leaves a pair of HDMI inputs.  And then, much further to the right is a 12 volt trigger for controlling a motorized screen.

Finally there's the power receptacle, and for security, a Kensington lock slot and a security bar.   As we are seeing more and more on other projectors, there's no S-video, which was pretty standard a few years ago.  Now that almost everything is HDMI or component, not much out there calling for S-video.

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