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Optoma HD806 - Performance-3

Posted on December 15, 2008 by Art Feierman

Close up of a computer monitor, from Space Cowboys (Blu-ray). Left to right: HD806, Epson Home Cinema 1080 UB, Sanyo PLV-Z700, and Mitsubishi HC5500. Only the BenQ does a visibly better job. The HD806 is one of the sharper 1080p projectors out there.

HD806 spacecowboys monitor
HC1080UB spacecowboys monitor lg
PT-AE3000U spacecowboys monitor
HC5500 spacecowboys monitor large

Optoma HD806: Bottom Line Sharpness

Your content is the determining factor, not he HD806, when it comes to having a sharp image. The better the source material, the sharper the HD806 looks. There may be some much higher end projectors (with optics that cost more than the entire Optoma) that might be even sharper, but other than that, the HD806 projector can hold its own with anything anywhere near its price, including the very sharp BenQ and Mitsubishi projectors as well. It had the advantage over the Epson and Panasonic competition, and I might give it the slightest edge over the Sanyos.

All considered, though, I consider sharpness differences between most 1080p projectors to definitely be at the most, a secondary consideration.

Light Leakage

There is light reflecting off of the lens internals, that puts some curved streaks of light in long curves, outside of the projected image. It's a little worse on the right, than left. The light isn't however as bright as the blacks. It's spottable on light colored walls, but nothing you wil notice while you are enjoying a movie.

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