Projector Reviews

Optoma HD806 Projector – Image Quality-4

Again, from Space Cowboys, this is a cropped image. The right side is very bright (so dynamic irises will not be effective). The HD806 (top left) has respectable shadow detail in the dark areas of the satellite, but the overall dark areas come out darker than on many other projectors, losing some shadow detail. Next to it on the first row, is the Epson Home Cinema 1080 UB, Those images are followed by the Sony VPL-VW60 and the PT-AE3000U (second row). The third row is the Mitsubishi HC6500 (left), and the Sanyo PLV-Z700 on the right.

HD806 spacecowboys walk
HC1080UB spacecowboys walk2
PLV-Z3000 spacecowboys walk
PT-AE3000U spacecowboys walk
HC6500 spacecowboys walk
PLV-Z700 spacecowboys walk