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Optoma HD806 Projector - Image Quality-9

Posted on December 15, 2008 by Art Feierman

Moving to sports, these images were shot with three different levels of ambient light in the room. The small insert pictures show the different amount of light coming in, due to how far down the shades are. The larger images of the screen show how the projected image performs under those different lighting conditions:

The first scenario shown, has the shades open more than I have been able to work with with almost any other projector. Immediately below is a look at the projected image with this rather large amount of sun light entering the room.

HD806 room ambient brighter
HD806 hdtv football QB ambientB
HD806 room ambient medium
HD806 room ambient darker
HD806 hdtv football QB medium
HD806 hdtv football QB ambientD
HD806 room ambient darker

Click to enlarge. SO close
Now the image below is the same as the two above, but cropped closer, and shot with the shades fully down. Note, this still allows a modest amount of ambient light into the room, as shown in the small insert image to the right.

Please note, these images (foolishly) were taken without a tripod, so a couple of them are a little blurred.

Here's one more image, (and you can click for larger version of this one).

Click Image to Enlarge

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