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Optoma HD8600 - Performance-2

Posted on December 6, 2009 by Art Feierman
So, we want bright and good color. Whether that's for watching sports with some lights on or some daylight coming in, or just a good amount of brightness while watching your favorite sitcom, some high quality HDTV content, news, or your favorite vampire show, doesn't really matter

The Optoma HD8600 does extremely well. With our "quick-cal" the HD8600 measured in at 1166 lumens. That's a ton more lumens than the Planar 8150 DLP, but still about 80 lumens shy of the BenQ W20000, but the HD8600 is definitely brighter in "best" mode

Better still, the picture quality turns out to be really very good. The Epson Pro Cinema 9500UB, by comparison, is about the brightest this year, with mid 1300 lumens, but the color accuracy is a good bit better with the Optoma which is within 150 lumens. For more perspective, The JVC RS25 has a touch more color accuracy in its "bright" mode, which is down in the mid-800 lumen range. In other words, the Optoma HD8600 in brightest, is significantly brighter than the JVC, and virtually as good in terms of color. By comparison the Optoma is a lot closer to the Epson's brightest, but still has better color. That's a good set of trade-offs for many. For example I have a large screen. The Epson doesn't have the muscle to fill it in "best" mode, but plenty in "brightest".

The Optoma HD8600, by comparison, definitely has the lumens to fill my screen, yet has enough extra to make me a happier for my sports viewing, than I ever have been with my JVC on sports.

Planar PD8150
Sony VPL-VW60
Mitsubishi HC7000
Epson Home Cinema 6500UB,
Panasonic PT-AE3000
Optoma HD8000
InFocus IN83









Note, starting with this review, now that my DTS test disc died, for this sharpness demo, we will be using a closeup of the PS3 system screen, showing the Video icon

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