Projector Reviews

Optoma HD8600 Projector: Cons

  • Dynamic iris is acceptable, but should be further improved. On certain scenes (medium to dark, slow moving scenes – often with a closeup of a face) – tends to be too visible, a bit of yo-yo effect. If I had to pick out just one weakness, the iris would be it, but, that said, it’s not bad, others though are less noticeable!
  • CFI – Creative frame interpolation: according to Optoma, does not work with 1080 60fps, which means most broadcast HDTV sports, which is too bad
  • CFI – on movies, as with most projectors sporting CFI, creates a live digital video (or “soap opera”) look to the image. More of that effect than some of the competition. Most people do not use CFI for movies, even if they have a projector with a particularly good CFI
  • Documentation – while generally good, installation section (lens offset/shift section, murky at best), lacks sufficient explanation of a number of modes, including, for example, when CFI works, and what it does
  • Supports only one of two anamorphic modes (sled required) While this is how most projectors handle, we are starting to see projectors supporting use of an anamorphic lens, with standard 4:3 and 16:9 content properly displayed while anamorphic lens is in place.
  • Exhaust vents out the back. Likely limits how close the projector can be placed to a back wall, when shelf mounting
  • Remote could have more range

Optoma HD8600 Projector: Typical Capabilities

  • Documentation – overall
  • Just average lamp life – 2000 hours in High lamp power mode, 3000 in low (eco) power
  • Styling: Black, rectangular with rounded edges – not bad, not impressive
  • Lamp can be changed without unmounting the projector
  • Overall size and weight – a medium small projector