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Optoma HD8600 Physical Tour-2

Posted on October 15, 2013 by Art Feierman

Optoma HD8600 Menus

Optoma has a good overall layout. Most of the image related controls are on the main Image menu, which is shown on the right.

There's also an Advanced image menu off of that, which has the CMS (color management) submenu, as well as sub menus for Gamma, and "Pure" controls - those being Pure Motion (creative frame interpoation) and other controls for dynamic contrast and color.









The display menu below offers up both overscan and edge masking choices if you have image noise along the edges to dispose of. That's something not unusual with cable or satellite signals. With overscan, you trim off the outermost data, and expand the now slightly smaller image, to fill what was the full frame. That means giving up the precision/sharpness of one to one pixel mapping.

Another alternative, which preserves 1-1 pixel masking is to use the Edge mask instead. It simply puts black up in those outmost area, eliminating the signal. You end up with a slightly smaller image but what's left is unaltered. That's my preferred solution, for the crisper image.

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