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Optoma HD91 Projector Review - Warranty

Posted on June 11, 2014 by Art Feierman

HD91 Warranty

Three years parts and labor.  That folks, is about as good as it gets from a warranty-only stand point.

Most of the competition in the HD91's price offer two or three year warranties, but there are some one year warranties as well

Support Program - Express Service

We're a big fan of replacement programs.  Optoma's Express program is a hybrid.  This Express Program is US only.

For the first year it's a replacement program, Optoma ships you a refurbished projector should yours have a warranty issue.

For the 2nd and third years, it switches to a loaner program.  In that case, when you call in and it's determined to be a warranty issue, Optoma ships you a loaner.  When it arrives you ship to them your unit. When it's repaired they ship it back to you and you return the loaner in the same box.  Optoma pays the freight bills.

All considered, the Optoma warranty and Express program combine to be more than most of the competition offer.

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