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Optoma HD91 LED Home Theater Projector - Performance 2

Posted on June 11, 2014 by Art Feierman
OPTOMA HD91 PROJECTOR - PERFORMANCE PAGE 2:  Post Calibration Color Temperature, Sharpness, Image Noise, Audible Noise  

Post Calibration Color Temperature

Post Calibration Color Temp - Cinema
IRE Color Temp (K)
100 6071
90 6490
80 6539
70 6589
60 6567
50 6622
40 6627
30 6547
20 6495

The color temperature band is pretty consistent, not exceptional from 20 IRE to 90, but moving up to full white the color shifts 500K temp to the red side of things.  Mike wasn't able to come up a way to bring the very brightest area back up.

Numbers are nice, but ultimately it'w what you see on the screen.  Since the amount of red in skin tones is never going to be near maximum brightness, after this calibration the red is no longer as obvious in skin tones.

HD91 Sharpness

Most impressive.  While these last couple three years most 3LCD and LCoS 3 chip designs in the HD91's price range address the inherent minor mis-convergence of their 3 "chip" configurations, with digital alignment solutions, it's not just as good as starting without any mis-convergence.  Overall the HD91 produces a very sharp image.  It does a very nice job edge to edge with very little softness even in the corners.

Take a look at our two pair of images above.  In addition to the native sharpness, the Ultra Detail was turned on.  To the On setting, not the over the top HD+ setting.

Following the closeup of the HD91 on spiderman's wrist gadget is the same basic image from the BenQ W7500 (another DLP), the  JVC RS4910, which is a $5000 3 chip LCoS projector, and finally an Epson Pro Cinema 4030, the model below their UB series (we didn't shoot this image with the 6030UB).  And for fun, the last one is the $27,000 true 4K Sony VW1000ES (a 3 chip LCoS) (look at all the texture).  The magnifications vary slightly as do the frames and the brightness.  Have fun comparing.

Image Noise

No obvious problems with image noise.  Although a DLP projector,  it doesn't seem to have as much background noise as most other DLP's, which I find noisier than the other technologies.  Most of the "noise" it seems, comes from the the various dynamic controls especially if you push them hard.  The HD+ (highest) setting of Ultra Detail really brings out the noise, makes close up faces look hard.

All considered no issues at all with noise.   If you encounter noise around the edges, the HD91, I like that it offers edge masking rather than Overscan (which doesn't maintain 1:1 pixel mapping.

Audible noise

The HD91 is one quiet projector.  The spec sheet says 23 db.  Remember that the HD91 doesn't really have an "eco" mode.  It is anywhere from much quieter to the Epsons and should also be noticeably quieter than the JVCs and Sony's out there, but not as much.  Bottom line - few projectors will be quieter.  No problem.

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