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Optoma ZX210ST Projector - Performance

Posted on July 19, 2013 by 

Optoma ZX210ST Projector - Brightness

The ZX210ST is rated at 2000 lumens.  As there is no zooming ability, all measurements were taken with the projector displaying a 60” diagonal image, with the projector less than 3 feet from the screen.  Short throw projectors like the ZX210ST usually vary in brightness quite a bit across the projected image, often dropping by 25 to 30% at the edges, compared to 10 to 15% for normal throw projectors.  However, the ZX210ST performed much like a normal throw projector, with only a 10% drop along the left and right edges of the image.  Vertical uniformity displayed greater variance, with about a 20% drop, but still quite good.  As we typically do with our reviews, measurements were taken at the brightest point of the image (usually near the center).


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Starting with the lamp in Bright mode and selecting the Bright picture mode (the brightest), we measured a high of 1488 lumens.  This is a bit lower than other Optoma projectors, which are usually closer to the rated output.  That being said, the projector is quite bright when compared to other LED light source projectors.  Using Presentation mode, the output dropped to 864 lumens, which is pretty substantial.  Movie mode dropped down to 756 lumens.  sRGB mode, which was similar to Movie mode in color balance, was the lowest at 696 lumens.  Blackboard mode provided 876 lumens, while Classroom and User modes were equal at 840 lumens.

Dropping the lamp into Eco mode resulted in a drop of just under 14%, which still provided 1284 lumens in Bright mode.  There is no separate life rating for each lamp mode, so there may be no lamp life advantage to using Eco mode, but there might be even more energy savings.  As the LED light source uses 20-30% less energy than a conventional lamp, the savings can be significant.  As we’ve noted with previous Optoma models, adjusting Brilliant Color (BC) has a great affect on lumen output.  Turning down BC to 5 results in a 36% drop in output, which is pretty significant.  Turn BC down to 0 results in an additional drop of 33%, for a total of 69% from the “10” setting.  As reducing BC appeared to have a minimal effect on image quality or color balance, I’d expect most users to leave it set on 10.

Optoma ZX210ST Projector - Audible Noise

While there was no noise rating provided, the Optoma ZX210ST had a noise level that is consistent with other multimedia projectors in its class.  I would expect that to be somewhere in the low 30’s in Bright lamp mode and possibly less than 30 dB in Eco lamp mode.  This is an acceptable level for a multimedia projector.  Combined with the built-in speakers, it’s unlikely that projector noise would ever be a problem during a presentation with sound.

Optoma ZX210ST Projector - Wired and Wireless Networking

Connecting the ZX210ST to a computer network via its RJ-45 jack or via a wireless dongle inserted into its USB port, permits a wide range of control and presentation possibilities.  Network control and presentation from up to four computers simultaneously is achieved via Optoma’s own presentation software.  When networked with Optoma’s software, connecting a standard USB keyboard or USB mouse into the USB port of the projector allows the user to remotely control the computer.  The ZX210ST can also be controlled via Crestron RoomView software.  Furthermore, projection from any smart phone or tablet equipped with the Mobishow app is possible.

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