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Optoma ZX210ST Short Throw LED/Laser DLP Projector - Review Summary

Posted on July 19, 2013 by 

Optoma ZX210ST Projector: Bottom Line

The Optoma ZX210ST is one of the most feature-laden multimedia projectors we’ve reviewed.  The presentation and control options available with a network connection are staggering, as well as its ability to present from a wide range or sources.  In addition, it has a sharp image across the screen with all resolutions, very good color rendition in all but the brightest picture mode, very good brightness for a laser/LED light source and should be available at an attractive price.  As we noted with other short throw projectors, the lack of a zoom lens causes initial setup to take more time, but the Optoma ZX210ST’s four adjustable feet and quality keystone correction help to speed up the process.  The advanced menu adjustments available allow the user to tailor the ZX210ST’s color balance to their taste.  Noise level in either lamp mode was never objectionable and the built-in speakers provide adequate sound levels for most uses.

The Optoma ZX210ST compares well with other short throw projectors on the market.  Some may have better color in their brightest mode, but few have the presentation and control flexibility of the ZX210ST.  The warranty and savings in maintenance and energy costs (due to the laser/LED light source) are yet another factor in choosing the ZX210ST.

As we noted earlier, the ZX210ST’s compact size makes it a good choice for the education market, where it can easily be moved from classroom to classroom.  Overall, the Optoma ZX210ST’s combination of features, brightness, cost savings and warranty make it a desirable choice for the K-12 education market.

Optoma ZX210ST Projector: Pros

  • Ability to present from almost any source, either physically attached or networked
  • Very good image with native resolution or higher and good color accuracy with all but the brightest mode
  • Networking capabilities among the best in the business
  • No dust filter to keep clean
  • Short throw allows projector to be in front of the presenter
  • Good warranty and support, with a 10,000 hour warranty on lamp

Optoma ZX210ST Projector: Cons

  • Not as bright as some of the competition with traditional lamps
  • Lack of zooming requires precise placement of projector
  • Top of screen to bottom of screen uniformity can be problematic with certain presentations

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