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Panasonic PT-LB75U and PT-LB75NTU Projector Review

8/04/2008 -Art Feierman

Panasonic PT-LB75U and PT-LB75NTU Highlights:

  • Both the PT-LB75U and PT-LB75NTU weigh only 6.5 pounds
  • Both offer a healthy 2600 lumens for easily handling ambient light in smaller rooms, on screens under 100 inch diagonal
  • PT-LB75NTU offers extremely capable wireless networking, and is 802.11b and g compatible – networking features covered in the General Performance page
  • DaylightView 4 automatically adjusts the projectors brightness to match room lighting conditions
  • Networking supports both PCs and Macs
  • Reasonably quiet projectors
  • Average size and weight for portable projectors
  • Typical selection of inputs, but lacks a digital input
  • Typical lamp life for portable projectors
  • Best warranty in its class
  • Rapid power down, can be unplugged, fan will continue to run


I’ve been a big fan of Panasonic’s LB series, their lightweight portable 3LCD business projectors. My enthusiasm goes back years, to the days when my old company was an authorized Panasonic dealer. As a result of that, I’ve reviewed each new series of LB projectors for four years now. Once again, I’m pleased with the latest iteration.

This review covers two Panasonic XGA projectors, the base PT-LB75U projector, and the slightly more expensive PT-LB75NTU, which features wireless networking capabilities. Panasonic has also announced widescreen projector version, the brighter PT-LW80NTU.

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I plan to take a quick look at the widescreen models in the next month, and will also publish a short review of it along with the PT-LB80U and PT-LB80NTU. All of those PT-LB80 projectors are basically identical to the PT-LB75U and PT-LB75NTU, but 600 lumens brighter. Panasonic provided us with the PT-LB75NTU (networking version), and since these two projectors are identical, except for the networking, that allows us to “knock off two birds, with one stone.” I should point out that if you look at the projectors, you won’t see the U at the end of the model numbers. The U, is simply a designation for the US version. Elsewhere, these projectors are simply the PT-LB75 and PT-LB75NT.