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Panasonic PT-LB75U and PT-LB75NTU Portable Projector Review: Summary, Pros and Cons

Posted on October 2, 2013 by Art Feierman

Summary, Pros and Cons

Where to start? OK, the PT-LB75U and PT-LB75NTU are two of the newest projectors in the LB series. We've been reviewing this series all the way back to the original LB10U, several years ago.

In handing out our Hot Product Award, the PT-LB75NTU was really rather obvious, as it is an excellent portable overall, but with exceptional networking. The PT-LB75U, on the other hand, is simply a very good projector, but more typical. It has a number of strengths, but not as impressive as its networking sibling. Still, when considering everything, including the best in class warranty, it too deserves our Hot Product Award, even if not with the maximum level of enthusiasm that I have for the PT-LB75NTU!

Two major comments first. One, these two new projectors are evolutionary, and have improved slightly over the last generation.

Second, is that they have also grown, which is not necessarily a compliment. They are physically larger than their predecessors, and have added a full pound to their weight. The older models were, although not the smallest projectors around, compact enough, and lightweight enough for the serious road warrior that carries their projector, especially on airplanes.

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With the 75s, the increase in both bulk, and weight has moved these projectors into the general portable class (up from "micro-portables"). As such, they are most likely to stay at home in the office, either mounted or moved from room to room, or for only occasional distance travel.

I now see these projectors as much better low cost solutions for ceiling mounting in classrooms and training rooms. That the lamp door is in the back, instead of underneath, allows the lamp to be changed without having to unmount a mounted projector. This is always a big selling point for schools and businesses, as it cuts down on a huge amount of time and people resources, if you have a large number of projectors in operation (as many high schools and middle schools do).

The wireless networking capabilities are extremely impressive, and one thing I can see the PT-LB75NTU doing, is to work incredibly well in a training environment, where students - be they school or business students - can all take turns projecting information. The ability to have 16 projectors hooked up at the same time, wirelessly, is a built in feature that I cannot recall any other brand's projectors (let alone portable projectors) offering. With rapid switching between projectors, (wirelessly), and the ability to view thumbnails of the screens of all 16 at once, this projector makes for a room full of interactive presentations. Great for internal meetings, without the fuss of switching cables between each presentation, or the expense of wiring the room for up to 16 computers!

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