Panasonic PT-RZ670BU Projector Review - Summary

December 1, 2014
Panasonic PT-RZ670BU PROJECTOR:  Summary - Image Quality, Feature Set and The Bottom Line

The PT-RZ670BU is a physically large and heavy commercial projector that projects a very bright image with good color accuracy.  It is highly flexible in terms of installation positioning and integrates into multi-projector, high visual impact, commercial displays.  While the MSRP is $24,399.00, end-users will find the street price to be significantly less and at that lower street price the PT-RZ670BU is a good value.

Image Quality

The PT-RZ670BU projects a very bright, very sharp image with good color accuracy (that can be further improved upon with a professional calibration).  The maximum brightness reached 7000 lumens in Dynamic Picture Mode, but this mode emphasizes the brightness of the white areas of the image.  Higher accuracy, in terms of grey scale, color temperature, color saturation and hue, etc., is offered in some of the other picture modes which still offer 4000+ lumens of light output.

Even the high brightness Dynamic Picture Mode offers a image quality that should be perfectly acceptable for many commercial/business display applications.  This projector offers extensive adjustments to support professional calibration for those applications demanding the highest accuracy for image quality.

Feature Set

The PT -RZ670BU  is loaded with features to support commercial/professional applications:

  • It uses a long life, low maintenance, laser light engine and it ideally suited for applications calling for 24/7 operation or for operation many hours each day.
  • This is a high light output projector making is suitable for use in large venues, where large screen sizes must be supported, or where there is significant ambient light to deal with.
  • This model integrates into a multi-projector setups with seamless merging of images from multiple projectors.  Features supported include edge blending, geometric corrections, brightness and color matching.
  • It allows for geometric corrections for projecting onto non-flat surfaces.
  • It supports networking for management of the projector
  • It has interchangeable lenses with lens options ranging from ultra-short throw to long throw models..
  • It offers reasonably wide range vertical and horizontal lens shift for mounting flexibility.
  • The projector can be mounted in just about any position providing great flexibility, especially for multi-projector or specialized setups (e.g., mounting on the side for displaying in portrait mode).

The Bottom Line

The PT-RZ670BU is commercial projector that offers features and performance that are well up to most tasks.  It's well suited for use in large venues, trade shows, multi-projector based high-impact specialized commercial applications, and with its DICOM Simulation mode, for medical classroom/training applications.

If offers natural looking colors and even its brightest picture mode is still good enough for many applications.

It is a big and heavy projector, under 50 pounds without the lens (and just over 50 lbs. with the supplied zoon lens), that appears to be ruggedly built and should offer reliable service for a very long time, even with heavy 24/7 use.

Job well done!

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