Home Theater Projector 2016 Award Winners – Charts

These Home Theater and Home Entertainment Projectors are listed alphabetically within each price “class.”   

Best Under $1000 (Entry Level) Projectors


Projectors Under $1000
Projector ModelAwardReviewSummaryVideo Review
BenQ HT3050Best In Class PerformanceReview Summary
Epson Home Cinema 2040/2045Best In Class ValueReviewSummary Video
ViewSonic PJD-7822HDLBest In Class Value-Runner Up*Review Summary
ViewSonic PJD7835HDLBest In Class Bright Room (tie)Review Summary
Epson Home Cinema 1040Best In Class Bright Room (tie) Review SummaryVideo

*Still the lowest cost 1080p projector around

Projectors $1000 - $2000 Projectors

Projectors $1000 – $2000
Projector ModelAwardReviewSummary Video Review
 Sony VPL-HW45ES Winner – Best In ClassReviewSummary
 Epson Home Cinema 1440Best In class – Bright RoomReviewSummary Video
LG PF1000U Best In Class – Special Award*ReviewSummary
Optoma HD50/ HD161xBest In Class – Runner UpReviewSummary Video

Best $2000 to $4000 Projectors

Projectors $2000-$4000
Projector ModelAwardReviewSummaryVideo Review
JVC DLA-RS400UBest in Class PerformanceReviewSummary
Epson Home Cinema 5040UB, Pro Cinema 6040UBBest In Class Best Value PropositionReviewSummary Video

Best $4000+ Projectors

Projectors $4000+
Projector ModelAwardReviewSummaryVideo Review
JVC DLA-RS600UBest In Class PerformanceReview
Epson Pro Cinema LS10000Best In Class Runner Up Review Video

Best 4K Capable Projectors Up To $20,000

Best 4K Projectors Up To $20,000
Projector ModelAwardReviewSummaryVideo Review
Sony VPL-VW665ESWinner Best PerformanceReview
Epson Home Cinema 5040 UB/ Pro Cinema 6040UBWinner Best ValueReviewVideo
Sony VW5000ESBest of the Best!!!!Summary