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2023-2024 Buyer's Guide to the Best Gaming Projectors: Enhanced Gaming Experience

Posted on October 11, 2022 by Phil Jones

Ultra-low input lag optimized genre-based gaming sound and picture modes

Gaming projectors in this category offer the most immersive experience. These units are ideal for gamers who not only like to compete but want to explore and desire a completely cinematic experience. This type of player is ready to step up to specific game modes and powerful, dedicated onboard sound to maximize their gameplay.

Projectors Listed in This Section:

BenQ TH690ST

BenQ-TH690ST-Highly Recommended Award
Brightness2300 ANSI lumens
TechnologyDLP with LED light source
Native Resolution1920x1080
Light Source4LED
Light Source Lifespan20,000 Hours (Normal) & 30,000 Hours (ECO)
Input lag1080p@120Hz: 8.3ms, 1080p@60Hz: 16.7ms, and 4K@60Hz (downscaling to 1080p): 33.4ms
Sound5-watt chamber speaker

The BenQ TH690ST 4LED 1080p HDR Short Throw Projector for Console Gaming that retails for $1,099 and can deliver 2,300 ANSI lumens of brightness. The TH690ST is part of BenQ’s gaming-focused TH Series of Full HD projectors. The TH690ST is the 4LED version of the lamp-based HT2150, BenQ’s first gaming projector, launched in 2016.

With a retail price of only $1,099 for the TH690ST, BenQ has in mind the end-user who wants to get into gaming with a projector but doesn’t want to pay the price tag for a 4K gaming projector but at the same time doesn’t want a 1080p lamp-based gaming projector. The BenQ TH690ST 4LED gaming projector fits nicely between those two types of gaming projectors and is the perfect gateway to get into gaming with a projector.

BenQ has various series of gaming projectors: X Series, TK Series, and TH Series. With its 4LED light source and HDR10, the BenQ TH690ST is the flagship of the BenQ TH Series of gaming projectors. The BenQ TH685 and TH671ST are two of the other TH Series gaming projectors from BenQ.

The TH685 and TH671ST have lamp-based light sources compared to the TH690ST’s 4LED light source. The most significant difference is that with the lamp-based projectors, you’re looking at a light source lifespan of 4,000 hours in Normal mode and up to 10,000 hours in Eco mode. The TH690ST’s 4LED light source gets you 20,000 hours of light source life in Normal mode and 30,000 hours in Eco mode. Also, the TH690ST has HDR10 support, whereas the TH685 and TH671ST do not have HDR support. The TH685 and TH671ST have an MSRP of $799 compared to the TH690ST’s $1,099 price tag.

BenQ TK700

BenQ-TK700 Special Interest Award
Brightness3200 ANSI lumens
TechnologyDLP with XPR
Native Resolution1920x1080x4
Light SourceLamp
Light Source Lifespan4,000 Hours
Input lag16ms @4K/60p
Sound5-watt chamber speaker

The BenQ TK700 4K HDR Short-Throw Console Gaming Projector is a $1,499 projector with 3200 ANSI lumens. The TK700 is part of BenQ’s Console Gaming Projector Series. Spoiler alert: the TK700 is great for gaming, but you could also definitely use it for watching your favorite movies and shows.

The TK700 is a 4K lamp-based gaming projector designed for competition console gaming. The TK700’s lamp light source brightness is rated at 3,200 ANSI lumens. The lamp life span is rated at 4,000 hours in Normal mode and up to 15,000 hours in Lamp Save mode.

The TK700 is not to be confused with the BenQ TK700STi 4K Console Gaming Projector (below). For starters, the TK700STi is $1,699, which is $200 more than the TK700. The extra cost of the TK700STi is in part due to it being a smart projector with Android TV (ATV). The “i” located at the end of TK700STi indicates that the TK700STi is an intelligent projector that allows media streaming using an included BenQ QS0I ATV dongle. The QS0I Android TV dongle is effortlessly installed into the third HDMI input port, concealed under the dongle cover located on the projector’s rear.

The TK700 is purpose-built to be paired with a PlayStation or Xbox; both gaming consoles already have built-in smart features. Having smart features built into the TK700 would have been redundant and driven the price up. The TK700 has BenQ’s Black Detail Enhancement feature, and the TK700STi does not. The TK700 has FPS game mode, and the TK700STI has FPS, RPG, and SPG game modes.

The TK700 and TK700STi are both short-throw projectors, but the TK700 has a 1.3x zoom lens, and the TK700STi has a 1.2x zoom lens. The TK700 produces a 150-inch image at 12.03 feet from the projection surface, and the TK700STi produces a 150-inch image at 9.8 feet from the projection surface. Lastly, the TK700 has 3200 ANSI lumens compared to the TK700STi’s 3000 ANSI lumens.


BenQ X3000i

Brightness3000 ANSI lumens
Displayed Resolution3840 x 2160
Light SourceLamp
Light Source Lifespan20,000 Hours (Norma) & 30,000 (ECO)
Input lag4K@60Hz: 16.67ms (4K output), 4K 30Hz: 33ms, 1080p@60Hz: 16.67ms, 1080p@120Hz: 8.33ms, 1080p@240Hz: 4ms
Sound5-watt chamber speaker

The BenQ X3000i is a 4K HDR capable 4LED Gaming Projector which retails for $1,999. With 3000 ANSI lumens, dedicated gaming picture and sound modes along with dual 5-watt chamber speakers, the BenQ X3000i was designed for immersive open-world gaming on the latest gaming consoles.

The X3000i is part of BenQ’s Console Gaming Projector Series which includes the X Series, TK Series, and TH Series. BenQ states X Series projectors like the BenQ X3000i projector are designed for cinematic immersion in gameplay with 4LED HDR-PRO for grand scenery in authentic colors with dynamic virtual 3D sound from various directions. BenQ also states the X3000i was made for use with PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Nintendo Switch.

The X3000i’s 4LED light source brightness is rated at 3,000 ANSI lumens while being able to reproduce 100% of the DCI-P3 color gamut. In addition, BenQ states the light source should last 20,000 hours in Normal Mode and up to 30,000 hours in Eco Mode.


BenQ TK700STi

BenQ-TK700STi Projector Reviews Highly Recommended Award
16ms – lowest input lag ever paired with 4K resolution
Brightness3000 ANSI lumens
Displayed Resolution3840 x 2160
Light SourceLamp
Light Source Lifespan15,000 Hours (Lamp Saving Mode)
Input lag4K@60fps: 16.67ms 1080p@60fps 16.67ms 1080p@120hz: 8.33 ms 1080p@240fps: 4.16ms
Sound5-watt mono speaker

Are you interested in an extremely bright, high lumen gaming projector that’s small enough to take with you out of the house? The portable and smart TK700STi provides hassle-free gaming and streaming entertainment experience. Google Play Store for Android TV, direct casting via Chromecast from an Android or iOS device, and gaming via Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch means hours of fun-filled entertainment.

The TK700STi ultra-low lag offers elite gameplay…even in 4K resolution. You'll always be in control, even in fast-paced sports and FPS games where your reaction time is absolutely critical.

The built-in 5-watt speaker is a nice added bonus, but it's the exclusively tailored Game Modes which create a real gaming advantage.

Thanks to FPS, RPG, and SPG present modes with visual, audio, and latency settings for each game, you will be able to recognize your enemies' every move and defeat them in shadows as the TK700STi refines your display to disclose movements and details in dark scenes.


BenQ X1300i

BenQ X1300i Gaming Projector
World’s first 4LED Gaming Projector with Cinematic Experience
Brightness3000 ANSI lumens
Resolution1920 x1080
Light Source4 LED light engine
Light Source Lifespan30,000 Hours (normal mode)
InputsHDMI 2.0b x 2
Input lag8ms @120Hz
Sound2 x 5W treVolo stereo speakers with Bongiovi DPS technology
Weight14.1 lbs
Smart featuresAndroid TV OS, Chromecast Built-in, Google Assistant

The X1300i is a gaming optimized home entertainment projector packing a ton of powerhouse features. This beautiful little projector features a square, compact design that is becoming associated with gaming projectors. The X1300i is a 120Hz 4 LED PJ with a 3000 ANSI lumens rating, according to BenQ, and a 5,000,000:1 published contrast ratio.

The BenQ X1300i is spec’d to provide an impressive 8ms response @120Hz frame rate designed to provide players, almost real-time control and smooth action when Game Mode is enabled.


ViewSonic X2-4K Gaming Projector

Viewsonic-X2-4K-XBox-support - Projector Reviews - Image
The ViewSonic X2-4K the industries first certified designed for Xbox projector.
Price$1599.99 MSRP
Brightness2000 ANSI lumens
Resolution3840 x 2160 pixels (XPR)
Light SourceRGB LED
Light Source Lifespan60,000 hours (ECO)
3D Yes
InputsHDMI 2.0b x 2
Input lag4.2 ms at 240 Hz
SoundHarmon Kardon 29 dB/33 dB (Eco/Normal)
Weight12.1 lbs (5.5 kg)
Smart features

The ViewSonic X2-4K can display 4K content at 60 Hz with an input lag of 33.4 milliseconds. Drop the resolution down to 1080p 120 Hz, and the projector can speed as fast as 8.4 milliseconds and at 240 Hz as low as 4.2 milliseconds.

Gaming consoles don't offer 240 Hz games, but gaming PCs do. Another distinguishing feature is that the X2-4K will play select Xbox games at 1440p native resolution and a 120 Hz refresh rate. Xbox games look good on this projector, and I'm not just talking about high-speed driving games or first-person shooters. Casual games look fantastic, with amazing depth and color detail.


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