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Classroom Projector Report 2013: Networking Projector Award Winner

Posted on May 22, 2013 by Art Feierman
The 2013 Classroom Projector Report is sponsored by: Click Here! 

The 2013 Classroom Projector Report is sponsored by: Click Here! 

Best In Classroom: Networking Projector Awards:

Best in Classroom - Networking Projector Award: Mitsubishi WD390U-EST

mitsubishi-wd390u-est No question about it, Mitsubishi's WD390U-EST projector plays well with networks.  The WD390U-EST's versatility earns it our first Best In Classroom:  Networking Projector award.  It's overall connectivity and application driven functionality makes it the most interesting "affordable" projector in terms of working with the rest of the universe. Consider:  Naturally, the WD390U-EST can be connected to your local computers, video sources, and other traditional devices.  In addition however, it can present from iOS and Android devices.

Still not impressed?  Fair enough, it's hardly the first to be able to do that. But the WD390U-EST projector can also connect to a server - local or cloud, and from there, by plugging in a keyboard and mouse to the the WD390U-EST's USB port, you can navigate the accessible files on the network, and run them with the Mitsubishi projector's onboard player, which supports displaying PDF and Word (DOCX/DOC) formats, as well as JPG, TXT, XLS (spreadsheets), and of course, PPT (Powerpoint files), afterall, presentations are the name of the game.

And, there's more! Consider this example:  A presenter is based in California, but flys to Atlanta to do a presentation.  The presenter intentionally loads his presentation and supporting files onto his desktop in the office.  It is connected to the company server (which talks to other company servers, all of which might be local to California and Atlanta, or they might simply be serving from "the cloud." Before our presenter catches his flight to Atlanta, he makes sure that he launches the MirrorOp SidePad application on his computer.

The next morning in Atlanta, our presenter whips out his iPad, or iPhone, or Android device (we tested only with iOS devices). By launching the MirrorOP SidePad App for his/her mobile device, while logged on to the network ther his device - let's say an iPad, our presenter can now "see", no, actually take control, of the computer back in California.  And whatever is happening on the display back there, is also being projected on the WD390U-EST that is mounted in the Atlanta conference room.

Open and run Powerpoint on the distant computer, from the iPad in hand?  No problem.  Run other applications, browsers, you name it.  The mobile device is controlling the remote computer, and the projector is displaying the files or programs the presenter wishes to present.  If you've got a drawing application open, go right ahead, and annotate over whatever else you are showing. Very interactive!  And Impressive! And don't forget, the Mitsubishi WD390U-EST projector can also present PC Free, from USB devices! Please check out our video about the WD390U-EST.  Within that video we provide more details, have a video tour of the hardware, and most importantly, we demonstrate running a presentation, browsing the web, or other applications on the WD390U-EST.  This is accomplished by controlling a remote computer (via a server), wirelessly from an iPad! Here's the link to the video. Once you get past all that fancy footwork over the "ether", consider that the WD390U-EST is even without all that, a very capable projector.

It measured more than 3000 lumens in its brightest mode, offers better than most image quality, and please note that the WD390U-EST is an ultra short throw projector.  You get all that plus a sensational 3 year warranty with a 3 year replacement program!  Nice. One queston you may be asking - why not give it the Interactive Projector award, afterall, isn't controlling a presentation as described being interactive?  Yes, but the interactivity here as just described is more a function of the provided 3rd party MirrorOp SidePad application, than magic in the WD390U.

The WD390U's "magic" is the connectivity.  The interactivity one could say, is optional, requiring the App, and matching application on the computer, and any needed interactive tools such as drawing, to be on the computer, not in the projector. So with that in mind, we did not feel that in interactivity, this projector could match those with interactive pens that work directly with the projector, and can annotate right on the projected image -" the screen" rather than on the display on the iPad. That folks, is why we have issued our first Networking Projector award in our Best In Classroom report. The WD390U earns that award for the total set of capabilities, including the cloud presenting, from remote computers, and from the servers themselves.

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