Classroom Projector Report 2013 – Warranty

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Projector Warranty Analyses

Below, we provide the links to the Warranty pages of the reviews of each projector considered this year. There, you can read about the warranty and/or replacement programs each of these projectors come with!

ProjectorProjector ImageWarranty
BenQ MS517benq-ms517Click here
Canon WX6000Canon-wux4000Click here
Casio XJ-H2650casio-h2650Click here
Epson BrightLink 436Wibrightlink_436wi_perspClick here
Epson W16SKepson-w16skClick here
HB Opto HBP503Dhbopto-hbp503dClick here
InFocus IN114infocus-in114Click here
Mitsubishi WD390U-ESTmitsubishi-xd360uestClick here
Mitsubishi WL7200mitsubishi-wl7200uClick here
NEC NP-M311Xnec-m260xClick here
NEC VE281Xnec-ve281Click here
Optoma TW610STi+optoma-tw610stiClick here
Panasonic PT-DZ770ULpanasonic-dz770ulkClick here
ViewSonic PJD5533wview-pjd5533wClick here
ViewSonic PJD6383sview-pjd6383sClick here