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Classroom Projector Report: Best K12 School Projectors for Education – Performance-4

Finally, as a general rule, LCD projectors of the same claimed brightness tend to be more expensive than comparably equipped DLP projectors. ( LCoS projectors start even higher prices. One could then make the counterpoint, that well, yes, at the same rated brightness, the DLP projector costs less.

Or, it just might be that a DLP projector comparably equipped to a 3LCD projector, for the same price, delivers not only more white lumens, but might even have as much, or more on the color lumens?  If you see that the DLP produces about 30% more white lumens, then figure it at least can hold its own with the brightness of pure reds, greens, and blues.

THEREFORE: Consider this issue to be one factor among the various trade-offs in technology. This may also help explain why DLP projectors often need to give up more lumens when achieving their best color modes.

As noted elsewhere, DLP has it’s share of advantages as well, such as the lack of filters to change, which some of the LCD projectors now counter with filters than don’t need changing for thousands of hours. And so it goes.

Audible Noise

In normal classroom usage only a handful of these projectors are noisy enough to force you to “talk over them” All of them are definitely quiet enough in their low power or “eco” modes, to not be an issue. And for that matter, several have a mic input, how’s that for helping the presenter or teacher, carry the room!

Keep in mind with traditional projectors, ceiling mounted, the projector is likely above the heads of students in a classroom.  That’s where a noisy projector is at the greatest disadvantage.  With many of today’s best school projectors being ultra-short throw, or very-short throw, however, that puts the projector above the teacher or behind the teacher up against the “screen” wall, where it’s less likely to have impact on the students.

Not one of the 2012-2013 projectors tested proved to be really overly loud.  A number of them were no noisier than some of the louder home theater projectors out there.