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Guide to the Classroom Projector Report for K-12 Education-7

An update on our Goals from last year's Education Projector Rport

We all hope you find this report extremely helpful, and we’ll try to do five additional things for next years’ report: 1) have it completed earlier, specifically have it completely published by 4/30 of next year, so you have more time to shop using our report, before you have to send your requests to purchasing. 2) provide what info we can about each manufacturers’ special education programs and discounts. 3) have more projectors reviewed for the report. 4) Take a serious look at 3D, which should be ready for “prime-time” by then. And finally: 5) Add a FAQ section.

For all of you network adminstrators, we’ve done the best we can, in trying to sort out networking for you, but only Tony has any real networking experience. It reality, you guys know a lot more about networking, and presenting over networks, and email notifications, and command and control, than my team does. We’re not embarrassed about that, but, hey, if you see we got something wrong, email me, and we’ll fix it.

3D:  This year, finding suitable 3D ready projectors at almost any price is easy, just look to almost any new DLP projector.. Still, going into the 2012-2013 school year, 3D is still in its infantcy as far as implementation goes in the schools.

Just remember (I’ll keep reminding):  Most likely any projectors purchased this year, will still be in use in 6-10 years.   That means you need to consider if you will be doing 3D “down the road” – even 3-4-5 years out.  If you expect to need 3D down the road, remember, you probably won’t have budget to replace this year’s purchased projector that soon.  Of course even if 3D becomes extremely popular in the schools, that doesn’t mean you’ll need 3D abilities in every classroom, or even most.  Lots to think about, when determining the mix of projectors for a school, a school district or a state purchase.

Last thought, word is, on the street, that TI (Texas Instruments) will have a chip set ready for next year’s projectors that will make it simple for a manufacturer of DLP projectors (DLP is a TI product), to have 3D abilities in most or all of their models, and likely at a much smaller additional price for 3D, than is the case today.