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Classroom Projector Report: Best School Projectors for K-12 Education: Summary

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As we see it, the real summary of this report, is the awards page.

View the Best In Classroom Awards for a detailed summary of the winners, and why they won their awards!

The Classroom Projector Summary

Essentially, our Summary, is done in the form of the awards given out..

Although this report focuses on school usage, the projectors are widely used for other purposes. In the individual reviews we try to touch on all bases, not focus just on education suitability.

In this report, though, the Best In Classroom awards are just that, they are focused on K12 school usage.

As was the case in our report for the 2011-2012 school year, we’ve taken a different approach than our first year of doing this report.  In addition to the Best In Classroom awards, several projectors will be given our more general Hot Product award or our not quite as mainstream Special Interest awards. When you see one of those, be assured (whether or not it picked up a “Classroom” award), that the projector in question is a superior performer as a general road warrior portable, or a portable/small fixed install, projector, and likely to be an excellent consideration for many situations, not just a classroom.