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Samsung SP-M255 3LCD Portable Projector – A Comparison

The Samsung SP-M255 is somewhat similar to the SP-F10M projector which we did review

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This article discusses the Samsung SP-M255’s differences.

Samsung SP-M255 Projector Comparison

For the annual Classroom Projector Report, Samsung chose to nominate a series in addition to the Samsung SP-F10M since it has no direct relatives. They chose the Samsung M-Series because they felt it was also suited for classroom and business environments. Below we will take a brief look at the Samsung SP-M255, in addition to some notable comparisons with the Samsung SP-F10M and the other projectors in the Samsung M-Series.

Aside from 3LCD technology, XGA resolution (1024×768), and single 7 watt speakers, there are hardly any other notable similarities between the Samsung SP-M255 and the Samsung SP-F10. The most significant differences include lamp life, with 30000 max in the Samsung SP-F10 due to its LED light source, versus the Samsung SP-M255’s conventional lamp life of 3000 hour max. Also different is their brightness, which is 2500 lumens in the Samsung SP-M255 as opposed to the F10M’s 1000 lumens. Lastly, they differ in price – the Samsung SP-M255 has an MSRP of $749, whereas the Samsung SP-F10 has an MSRP of $1099.

As mentioned above, there is a significant difference in lamp life due to the Samsung SP-F10 having an LED light, allowing it to run for an extensive amount of time at a lower brightness. However, this also means that you most likely will never have to change the bulb in the Samsung SP-F10 which is where the price difference comes in. With the Samsung SP-M255, it will continue to cost you to change the lamp over the course of the projector’s life.

The Samsung SP-M255 both the most advanced and the most expensive projector in Samsung’s M-Series (MSRP $749) compared to its siblings, the Samsung SP-M220 (MSRP $599), and the Samsung SP-M250 (MSRP $699), both of which we have compared recently.

As with the entire M-Series models, the Samsung SP-M255 has a resolution of 1024×768 (XGA) and a contrast ratio of 500:1. Amongst most projectors that contrast ratio is fairly low. The Samsung SP-M255 and the rest of its siblings also share the same single, 7 watt speaker. This creates enough sound to fill small conference rooms or classrooms. The Samsung SP-M255 has a lamp life of 3000 hours at max and 5000 in eco-mode, as do the rest of the projectors in the M-Series.

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With a height and weight of 3.2H x 11.0W x 9.1D and 5.3 pounds, the Samsung SP-M255 and the rest of the Samsung M-Series are all easily transportable and very easy to transfer from room to room. Though the Samsung SP-M250 and its siblings have blackboard mode (in case you don’t have a white screen to project on) and close-captioning capabilities, they do not include wired networking. The SP-M255 also has an HDMI input, allowing you to connect to a DVD/Blu-Ray player, game console, or cable/satellite box. Lastly, the SP-M255 does have a USB input, which the others do not. This allows for hassle-free, computer-less, cable-less presentations, since you can just pull your USB drive from your pocket and go!

The rear of the SP-M250, the SP-M255’s sibling. In addition to the inputs below, the SP-M255 also has a USB input!

So what makes the Samsung SP-M255 stand out amongst its siblings? It’s super portable, afforable, bright, has a pretty great lamp life, and has the best warranty out there – 3 years parts and labor! So if you’re looking for portability, convenience and enough power, brightness, and watts to handle your presentation needs in your classroom or conference room.

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