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Sanyo PLC-WM5500 Setup & Menus

Posted on May 5, 2010 by Art Feierman

Sanyo PLC-WM5500 Setup & Menus

The Sanyo PLC-WM5500 was easy to setup and start using.  It does not come with a printed manual (which is available on an included CD), but does have a printed Quick Start guide that gives you the information you’ll need to get it set up.  The PLC-WM5500 has two front height adjustment feet that help to quickly level the projector if table-mounted.  We would prefer rear adjustable feet as well, but this projector will likely be ceiling mounted more often than not, making the adjustable feet less important.  Also, the PLC-WM5550’s high quality optics makes the judicious use of keystone correction a viable option.  While we usually don’t recommend using any keystone correction due to image distortion, small to moderate amounts of correction have no visible effect on the PLC-WM5500.

After leveling the projector, the power zoom, focus and lens shift make it simple to properly align and fill the screen.  With a 1.7X zoom ratio, projector placement distance from the screen is less critical than with the short-range 1.2X zooms you often see in multimedia projectors.

Once setup is complete, the user brings up the menu, where the desired image mode can be selected.  Depending on the input type, there are either three preprogrammed modes (Dynamic, Standard and Real for a PC input), or four modes (Dynamic, Standard, Natural and Cinema for a Video input).  In addition, there is the ability to create up to ten custom modes.  Unlike some of its competition, the PLC-WM5500 includes selectable gamma and color temperature.  This can help optimize the projector’s display depending on room lighting conditions.  For use a more technical environment where color accuracy is at a premium, the PLC-WM5500 includes RGB grayscale adjustments to assist in professional calibration.  One nice feature not always found in this projector class is the ability to make the full range of adjustments to any image mode.

Sanyo PLC-WM5500 Setup & Menus

Image Select

Image Adjust

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