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Sanyo PLC-WM5500 Projector - Performance

Posted on May 5, 2010 by Art Feierman


The PLC-WM5500 is rated at 5500 lumens.  Unfortunately, after checking two different units, the highest lumen output we measured was only 3763 lumens.  In Dynamic mode (the brightest), we measured 3629 lumens at mid-zoom range.  At full wide zoom, this increased to 3763 lumens and at full telephoto zoom; it came in at 2936 lumens.  Using Standard mode (which would likely be used for most presentations) resulted in a slight drop to 3378 lumens.  Real mode (another potentially popular mode due to its good color) drops slightly to 3102 lumens.  There are ten custom user modes labeled Image 1-10 that all start out equivalent to Standard mode and thus came in at 3378 lumens.

Dropping the lamp into Eco mode in Dynamic image mode resulted in a 25% drop in lumen output from 3629 lumens to 2738 lumens.  This is still quite high and likely could be used even in large venues with decent light control.

The Sanyo PLC-WM5500 projector in dynamic mode, it's brightest setting.

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The PLC-WM5500 allows for simple wired connection to any desktop or laptop via its LAN jack.  This allows for full access to all projector adjustment function via a web browser on a networked PC.  It can also be set to monitor projector functions, set maintenance schedules and provide email notifications.  Through the use of an optional module that plugs in to the back of the projector (PJ-Net Organizer), the PLC-WM550 can also project content from a networked computer.

Audible Noise

The Sanyo PLC-WM5500 is rated at 31 dB in Eco lamp mode, which is about average in the noise department compared to other projectors in its class.  There are two Eco modes, one which has more fan noise than the other, so the 31 dB rating is probably for the lower noise mode.  There is no rating given for Normal lamp mode.  Subjectively, the rating seems about right and we would guess that the Normal mode probably adds 4 or 5 dB to the Eco lamp rating.  Overall, as the PLC-WM5500 is targeted toward permanent installation in larger scale venues, noise is unlikely to be an issue.

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