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Sanyo PLV-Z2000: 1080p Home Theater Projector Review – Image Quality-10

Sanyo PLV-Z2000 Projector Overall Picture Quality

In its Pure Cinema mode, the PLV-Z2000 is a pleasure to watch on movies. My initial reaction upon first watching it, was that the picture was somewhat muted, however, the long one watches movies in that mode, the more one realizes, that other projectors tend to be more dynamic looking, but at the same time less realistic or natural. We’re not talking huge differences, but, then, almost all 1080p projectors are at least very good products, just with different strengths and weaknesses.

Where the PLV-Z2000 home theater projector shines, is on skin tones, but everything else is at least respectable (black levels) or better (sharpness and shadow detail). Overall, that means the PLV-Z2000 is going to please on almost any scene viewed, within the limits of its overall brightness.

Below are a number of photos of a wide variety of types of scenes. All are handled very well by the Sanyo.

But first, a quick demonstration of the differences between Pure Cinema, and the slightly more vibrant (and touch less natural), Creative Cinema mode, plus the much brighter, yet still very good Brilliant Cinema mode. I’ve taken the scene and below is one frame photographed in each of these modes. I attempted to get the exposures as close as possible to each other, to make comparing, easy.

plv-z2000daggers rogue
plv-z2000 daggers rogue
plv-z2000 daggers rogue






Of course they are never perfectly matched. The first image is in the Pure Cinema mode (it’s the only one of the three you can click on, to enlarge), followed by Creative, then Brilliant