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Sanyo PLV-Z2000: 1080p Home Theater Projector Review – Image Quality-5

Here’s a good image of Clint Eastwood, from an extremely dark scene from Space Cowboys. In a room illuminated by only a single table lamp, this truly is a dark scene.

This overexposed (above) image of Clint Eastwood in Space Cowboys, reveals a respectable amount of shadow information in the wall on the right half of the image, but the blacks don’t get black enough to bring out all the information. In this case, although the blacks were never inky black, the detail is excellent, rivaling far more expensive projectors. In fact, you can make out on the back wall, that you are looking at mini-blinds, and there is plenty of other detail visible.

Below is the same scene but from the InFocus 82, a 1080p DLP projector well over twice the price. As you can see, the InFocus is doing the blacker blacks, but you can see slightly more detail on the Sanyo, especially in the upper right corner, and the blinds in the background. Note, though that the InFocus image is a little darker, which has some impact

plv-z2000 spacecowboys clint dark
IN82 spacecowboys





Next is an image frequently used from Lord of the Rings. This image below is badly overexposed so you can see the details that the projector captures in the shed on the right, along the ground and the structure on the left. This image is available in most reviews done in the last couple of years.