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The Sanyo PLV-Z2000 Projector Warranty

Check out how the Sanyo PLV-Z2000 fared in our comparison report.

Sanyo has always offered great warranties, and the PLV-Z2000 is no exception. This Sanyo projector comes with 3 years parts and labor warranty. Interesting that the least expensive 1080p projector (at the time of this writing – 11-07), should have one of the best warranties.

There are typically two components to projector warranties – the duration, and whether there is a loaner, or overnight replacement program.

Sanyo’s is just a straight parts and labor warranty for all three years, but they do promise that your projector, should it need warranty service, will spend 72 hours or less at Sanyo’s facility. And, Sanyo pays freight both ways. They have also told me in the past, that most projectors are serviced in 24 hours so most people get their projector back in no longer than one week. (We’re talking the US market only.) Since many other manufacturers without loaner or replacement programs may take weeks to repair and return a projector, the Sanyo solution is the next best thing to the replacement program.

Of the closest competitors, the Panasonic is one year (a 2nd year is provided free on those buying before 11/30/07, based on Panasonic’s promotion).

Epson provides a two year warranty with overnight replacement both years.

Optoma, provides a straight 2 year warranty, as does Mitsubishi. BenQ provides only one year on their entry level 1080p projector.

Epson, does provide three years, with a three year replacement on the “Pro” versions of the home theater projectors, but since those start at over twice the price of the PLV-Z2000, all’s fair.

Bottom line: Excellent warranty from Sanyo.