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Sanyo PLV-Z700 Home Theater Projector Review: General Performance - 2

Posted on October 8, 2008 by Art Feierman

PLV-Z700: SDE and Rainbow Effect, Pixel Visibility

Since the Sanyo is a 3LCD projector, there's no rainbow effect. When it comes to screendoor and pixel visibility, today's 1080p 3LCD projectors have pixels small enough and not noticeable enough to be an issue, unless you like to sit very, very close. I no longer consider today's 1080p projectors, regardless of technology, to have any issue with screendoor or pixel visibility. The faint pixel structure does add a little on things like movie credits and graphic overlays, but mostly you are seeing the slight lack of resolution of 1080p on a large screen.

PLV-Z700 Projector: Brightness

Sanyo PLV-Z700: Pre Color Calibration

A lot to report here. Because of all the options, that can be used with the different preset modes, and user saved settings, brightness will vary rather dramatically depending on what options you are using.

This should provide you a pretty good taste of the Sanyo PLV-700's brightness under different circumstances. Initial measurements assume default iris and lamp settings (unless otherwise noted):

For all measurements: Brightness +4, Color +5, Tint 2, Contrast 0 - (except Contrast contrast at -10 for Dynamic mode). These settings are used for all measurements - when I describe "default" below, I'm referring to RGB settings, lamp, and iris settings unless otherwise noted. The default for lamp is Auto 1.

Measurements Settings

Best mode Creative Cinema: 350 lumens
Brilliant Color 743 lumens
Natural 823 lumens
Living 860 lumens
Dynamic 957 lumens

Note please that how you set the lamp has significant impact. For example, above, Dynamic's default is lamp on Auto 1, but changing lamp to Normal, increases brightness dramatically:

Dynamic, with Lamp set to Normal: 1310 lumens (a 37% jump).

This shows you the brightness changes caused by different lamp modes (Brilliant Cinema mode, Iris fixed) is used for this example, but the percentages should be consistent for any preset mode:

Brightness Changes

Normal 900
Auto 1 743 (default lamp setting)
Auto 2 698
Eco-mode 580

The Iris setting also has a similar, large impact (Brilliant Cinema, Lamp on Normal)

Fixed Iris 900 lumens
Mode 1 644 lumens
Mode 2 561 lumens

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