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Sanyo PLV-Z700 Projector Highlights

Posted on October 8, 2008 by Art Feierman

Sanyo PLV-Z700 Projector Highlights

  • Solid overall performance for an entry level 1080p projector
  • Decent black level performance, but not a match for most "non-entry level" 1080p projectors
  • Very good shadow detail
  • Dual iris, lots of special modes to enhance black levels, gamma, etc.
  • Average brightness in "best" mode - Creative Cinema
  • Excellent placement flexibility
  • A very quiet projector in terms of fan noise
  • Perhaps the most affordable 1080p projector
  • Warranty longer than most - 3 years
  • First official under $2000 MSRP 1080p projector to ship

HD image above, from Blu-ray DVE-HD calibration disc demo materials

The PLV-700 is now Sanyo's entry level 1080p home theater projector. Last year Sanyo had but one 1080p model for the home, and that's the PLV-Z2000. This year, Sanyo goes with the low cost PLV-Z700, and a higher end PLV-Z3000 which will, technically, replace the PLV-Z2000.

On paper, the PLV-Z700 sports a lower contrast ratio, than the older Z2000, at a lower price, and black level performance seems to reflect that, but, as indicated above, there were some surprises. Expect the PLV-Z700 to sell for less than the older PLV-Z2000, as rumor of rebates are floating around already.

Above, also from the DVE-HD demo disc.

Sanyo PLV-Z700 Projector: Basic Specifications

Click here for full specs, and access to the Sanyo PLV-Z700 projector brochure.

MSRP: $1995
Technology: 3LCD
Native Resolution: 1080p (1920x1080)
Brightness: 1200 lumens
Contrast: 10,000:1
Zoom Lens ratio: 2:1
Lens shift: Vertical and horizontal
Lamp life: Sanyo does not provide lamp life specs. Most projectors offer 2000 hours at full power, and 3000 hours in eco-mode (low lamp)
Weight: 11 lbs. (4.9 Kg)
Warranty: 3 Years Parts and Labor

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