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Sanyo PLV-Z700 Home Theater Projector Review: Image Quality

Posted on October 8, 2008 by Art Feierman

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Sanyo PLV-Z700 Home Theater Projector: Out of the Box Picture Quality

The PLV-Z700 right out of the box, hooked up, and watching assorted content, I quickly concluded that "out of the box" picture quality was reasonably good, and definitely not great. Overall, without adjustment, the image is too warm (reddish). Shadow detail was also just good (which improved with a slight increase to the brightness setting).

Overall, like the vast majority of home theater projectors, a noticeable and significant improvement can be made to the picture quality, by doing a basic, or professional calibration.

I found movie watching before adjustment to be "ok", and after the basic brightness and contrast settings, to be a little better.

The brightest mode - Dynamic, as with almost all projectors, sacrifices some color accuracy, to pump out maximum lumens. HD sports viewing in Dynamic mode provided a very watchable image, but one that was significantly improved by our calibration.

Bottom line: You won't get the full potential out of this projector (as is true for most), without spending a little time or money to get it calibrated. Plan B - just drop the calibration settings we came up with into the User memories, and start there. You will find them to provide a noticeable improvement.

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