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Sharp PG-D45X3D Projector - Performance

Posted on July 31, 2013 by Phil Jones

Sharp PG-D45X3D Projector - Brightness

The Sharp PG-D45X3D is rated at 4500 ansi lumens. In testing, we measured each mode, with Brilliant Color off, set to 1, and set to 2. From a measurement standpoint, the projector came up significantly short of claim, but it still produced almost 3500 lumens at its brightest, making it one of the brightest projectors tested for this year's report. In all fairness, this is a sample unit - pre-production (complete with stickers). In my experience its not uncommon for pre-production units to be 10% dimmer than later full production versions. Finally, this projector had some mileage on it before getting here. The less than brand new lamp dragged the lumens down further.

And after saying all of that, the bottom line is that this Sample PG-D45X3D measured 3427 lumens at its brightest, about 23% below claim. All considered, not too bad. We would hope new full production units would do a good bit better. Here are some of the measurement highlights:

Brilliant Color had a huge impact on brightness. Lamp mode impacts some of the other choices, so that there aren't measurements for with and without Brilliant Color 1 and 2, for all modes.

Brightest mode was Presentation mode, with lamp on full and Brilliant Color at its max (2):3427 lumens.

sRGB was the least bright mode, and it does not allow Brilliant Color (as expected): 1099 lumens (which is still very respectable in small rooms)

PG-D45X3D measured relating to Brilliant Color (Presentation mode):

BC=0 (off): 1722 lumens
BC=1: 2848 lumens
BC=2: 3427 lumens

That works out to a bump (increase) of over 50% going from Off to 1, and almost a full doubling in brightness from Off to 2. What does that cost you? Colors and the image in general is pushed. Theres a tendency to oversaturation, and slight posterization, which can be seen on say, skin tones. That said, consider it a bright powerful, and good looking presentation mode, one good for cutting through ambient light.

Movie Mode does not allow Brilliant Color 2. It tops out at 2654 lumens. In eco mode that drops to 1874, a drop just shy of 30%.

Therefore, you can figure that going from full to eco power in any mode should result in a similar 30% drop.

Game mode, the 2nd brightest mode, topped out at 3217 lumens. When you are talking 3000+ lumens on conference room sized screens - 5 and 6 footers - this is enough to handle presentations under full fluorescent lighting. (remember videos and dark photos are a different story). This Sharp projector has plenty of horsepower for multi-purpose rooms, small school auditoriums, and hotel ballrooms.

Of course if your requirement is 3D, everything changes, as everything gets dimmer. Still, this projector did a great job on 3D on smaller screens, providing a nice bright image, even with some lighting on! With really good lighting control, the PG-D45X3D should be able to handle a 10 foot screen in 3D, and do a very respetable job of it.

Sharp PG-D45X3D Projector - Audio

The Sharp PG-D45X3D sports a pair of 5 watt speakers. Volume levels are sufficient to cover a nice sized conference room, classroom or small-multipurpose room. Functional, not big sound though, but not at all tinny, unlike a couple of other recently reviewed projectors. Limited maximum volume is a bit of concern. Certainly not the loudest of the projectors sporting 5 to 16 watt systems.

Sharp PG-D45X3D Projector - Audible Noise

Audible noise on the Sharp PG-D45X3D was very reasonable for an over 3000 lumen projector. Sharp claims 35 decibles at full power. We do not measure, but based on general experience, seems right. Overall at full power the projector generates an audible noise level that is easily talked over. In low power mode it's down in the range of home theater projectors, where very quiet is a far more desirable trait.

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