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Sharp PG-D45X3D DLP Projector - Review Summary

Posted on July 31, 2013 by 

Sharp PG-D45X3D Projector: Bottom Line

The Sharp PG-D45X3D has a family: This Sharp projector is one of 3 models in the series. It is the middle projector - all three are pretty similar with the exception of brightness. The PG-D45X3D is of course rated 4500 lumens. The other two, the PG-D40X3D and PG-D50X3D are respectively rated 4000 and 5000 lumens.

What of course makes the PG-D45X3D most interesting, lies in its 3D abilities. Certainly, you can buy as much projector, or even more projector for the same typical price, if you don't need 3D. The assumption therefore, is that buyers of the PG-D45X3D, either are looking for 3D right now, or expect to need/want it in the not too distant future. In a sense, that makes this projector ideal for those future-proofing. Let's moderate that thought though as 3D is still early on. With the Sharp's nVidia certification, it is sure to have plenty of 3D support for at least a while, but one cannot tell what the state of 3D might look like in 3-4 years. Who knows, by then, passive glasses designs might dominate, just as active glasses 3D designs are far more widely used in the US, than passive (except in 3D movie theaters).

Brightness of this Sharp, is not a problem! Viewing the dimmest content - 3D, on a 60-80" diagonal screen is plenty bright. Those are the most typical sized screens you are likely to find in a small to medium sized conference room, or a typical classroom. 2D on a similar sized screen, is pretty much screaming bright. This projector will still do an impressive job (washed out a bit) even with full fluorescent lighting on, and the nearest lights only a few feet from the screen. Of course in 2D, this projector is also bright enough to do an excellent job in larger rooms on say a 100 or 120" diagonal screen, and still have enough to do passable 3D in terms of brightness.

That's pretty impressive!

As a 2D projector, the Sharp is certainly more than competent, but as mentioned, if you don't expect to need 3D, you can shop for less. You don't even need to leave the Sharp selection of projectors, to accomplish that. The PG-D45X3D and its two other 3D siblings have several other 2D only versions at lower prices.

From an education standpoint - schools, those ready for some 3D, are likely to opt for the less expensive PG-D40X3D, which still should have plenty of brightness for a classroom, and probably just fine as well on somewhat larger screens. For those going larger rooms, of course you can spend more for the PG-D50X3D.

All considered, with the well under $2000 street price including two pair of glasses, plus the best color in this year's crop of DLP projectors just considered (and that means all of the 3D projectors in the classroom report), this Sharp has to be the premium choice, where picture quality and 3D are needed, especially with a healthy amount of 3D brightness. While we find the pricing (despite the quality) to be too much for most school situations, we feel it extremely viable in other segments, notably higher education, scientific, government, architecture and engineering, and general business. A well balanced and affordable XGA 3D projector solution, the Sharp PG-D45X3D projector wins a Hot Product Award!

Sharp PG-D45X3D Projector: Pros

  • Brightest 3D projector we've seen to date, and still reasonably priced
  • Extremely good color, and bright modes in particular were very good on reds and yellows compared to most DLP projectors
  • Very good 3D handling on a wide range of education, scientific and general 3D software.
  • Very good color controls
  • Good menu system
  • Reasonably quiet for a projector of this brightness, never excessively loud
  • Very good warranty
  • Best 3D performer of all the projectors considered in the Classroom Report.
  • Lens door doubles for standby mode
  • A cut above 3D capable projector that really is capable for the price

Sharp PG-D45X3D Projector: Cons

  • Came up short of brightness claims
  • No support for HDMI 1.4a (and therefore none for Blu-ray 3D)
  • Zoom could have more range (hard to have less and still be a zoom lens)
  • Speaker system respectable but could have more volume

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