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Sharp PG-D45X3D Projector - Warranty

Posted on July 31, 2013 by Art Feierman

Sharp PG-D45X3D Parts and Labor Warranty:

The Sharp PG-D45X3D comes with one of the best warranties out there, three years parts and labor. The lamp comes with a standard 90 day warranty.

The PG-D45X3D also comes with three years of ER - Express Repair. With this program, Sharp promises 24 hour turn-around at their repair facilities. With that in mind, you only have to factor in shipping times plus one day for total out to repair time. That may not be quite as fast as replacement program, but it is about the next best thing. And the good news for educators, tech coordinators, and corporate IT/AV managers that use asset tracking, is that this is a faster solution than a replacement program that can't be used (because you need the same unit - serial number back).

Above and beyond Parts and Labor warranties for projectors:

We consider exchange, loaner, and fast turn-around warranties to be of great extra benefit, especially for those using portable projectors, but anytime you need to be back up and running quickly.

Overall we're not fans of one year warranties. Repairs can be expensive, and on lower cost projectors that can mean a throw away after 13 months. 3rd party warranties, I would recommend with a one year warranty, although I'm not a huge fan, overall of 3rd party. Better that the manufacturer provides you a nice long warranty.

Typically an exchange or replacement program indicates the manufacturer will ship out a replacement unit to arrive within 2 business days of you contacting them, (add a day in most cases if you call late in the day). By comparison, a loaner program has the manufacturer also quickly shipping you a loaner projector, but they will repair yours, and send it back, and then you send the loaner back. That way you still have the same unit, same serial number, when it's all done. With a replacement/exchange, you end up with a different projector, usually from a "replacement" or "loaner" fleet, that they maintain.

If your are purchasing for a school or business, however, that does asset tracking of projectors for accounting and inventory purposes, you may favor a loaner program, which some others offer. Most manufacturers, however do not offer loaner or replacement programs. Epson is one company that offers a replacement program, while Mitsubishi, on the other hand, offers a loaner program... Each has its benefits.

A few manufacturers offer fast turn-around promises. Sanyo for example guarantees no more than 72 hours at their facility, but says 24 hours is typical. Sharp offers 24 hours turnaround at their facility. There are others as well.

Remember, warranty can be a lot more than just "parts and labor". When responsible for multiple units, longer warranties and fast turn-around, respectively reduce cost of ownership, and aggrevation. Warranty coverage and support is important and should be paid attention to.

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