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Sharp XV-Z3000 Projector Review - General Performance-5

Posted on January 19, 2007 by Art Feierman
100IRE 6893K
80IRE 6509K
50IRE 6382K
30IRE 6530K

Most of the difference is probably attributable to the variation with my light meter.

Movie 1, which seems to have a different inherent gamma, provided similar, but even better color temperature readings, in fact about as good as one could hope for.

100IRE 664K
80IRE 6500K
50IRE 6383K
30IRE 6456K

Dynamic which like Standard, should be targeting between 7500K and 8000K measured 7949K at 100IRE, while Standard was 7543K, and Natural, 7445. I did not do measurements of the lower IREs (80, 50, 30...).

Generally greens were very well behaved on all of the brighter modes, varying from just about dead on, to just a tiny bit too much, never enough to create a problem with flesh tones.

It's always nice to find a projector that looks this good, out of the box!

XV-Z3000 Image Noise

I ran the HQV suite on the Z3000, and it performed very well, overall. Jaggies were a non-issue, with the Sharp projector easily passing the flag and other jaggie tests. There were some minor issues on some of the cadences, again, though no problem. On motion artifiacts, the projector quickly adapted to the tricky panning of stadium seats. In the still comparison images there was "the usual" amount of noise typical of DLP projectors, and if anything, it was on the low side (remember their Dynamic Noise Filter was on setting 1. I did not test with it off.

OK, time for you to spend a quick minute on warranty, then off to the summary, and pros and cons listings.

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