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Sharp XV-Z3000 Projector Review - Image Quality-8

Posted on January 19, 2007 by Art Feierman

Enough. There will be some other images in the next section, as pixel visibility is discussed, in the section on Screen Door effect.

Lastly, here is an image from AeonFlux (HD-DVD), that I am starting to use for sharpness. Note how sharp her eyes are, and the details in her hair. You can find this image on several other recent reviews for comparison:

Optoma HD81
Optoma HD70






While the XV-Z3000 does an overall very good job, you can see that the 1080p projectors do add a real, easily visible jump in sharpness and detail. Here's a similar frame from the BenQ W10000, just in case you might have briefly thought that an especially sharp 720p projector really can match a good 1080p model (not happening!):

Lastly, if you click on the image of the tropical bird, below, you will get a closeup of the bird, and text. This is the first review I have shot this image for, but will be using it for future reviews. The text looks really good for a 720p projector. (Source is Discovery-HD 1080i).

Lastly for sharpness, is an image from The Italian Job (HD-DVD) the frame below is already significantly cropped (over 50%), and enlarged, when you click on it. Look at the sign next to the lamp post, the texture in the columns, etc. You'll find this image on several recent reviews.

Time to move on to the general performance section, for menus, remote control, screen recommendations, brightness measurements and more..

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