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XV-Z3000 Pros

Posted on October 19, 2013 by Art Feierman
  • Very bright projector in brightest modes (up to 1500 lumens, and more if willing to sacrifice a bit more color accuracy, etc.
  • Good brightness in "best modes" except for the very best mode (285 lumens)
  • Excellent black levels
  • Very good shadow detail
  • Extremely good color accuracy, out of the box
  • Excellent sharpness - very impressive for a DLP projector
  • Very Good Menus
  • Five very well color balanced Preset modes
  • The most accurate "Dynamic" (brightest mode) I have seen yet.
  • Two component video inputs + a computer input that can be used as a third component video
  • Attractive, smaller projector (shiny black finish)
  • Darkchip3 performance at the higher end of Darkchip2 priced DLP projectors
  • A great projector for the performance minded, considering the cost - in other words very good price performance

XV-Z3000 Cons

  • Noisy! Perhaps the loudest home theater projector around, when in full lamp power mode, acceptable, but not great noise levels in low power (eco) mode
  • Limited range zoom (1.15:1)- limits placement flexibility
  • Small remote, with small buttons
  • Lack of lens shift (also limits placement), typical of most DLP projectors under $3K
  • Only one HDMI input (although that is typical, more projectors are sporting 2 lately)
  • Projector needs to be unmounted to change lamp (common)
  • Only a one year warranty
  • One of the more expensive 720p projectors (at this time 1/07, almost all Darkchip 3 DLP's are more money, but this one is higher than most Darkchip2 or LCD projectors)

XV-Z3000 Typical Capabilities

  • Menu functionality
  • User Manual
  • Lamp Life
  • Control panel

XV-Z3000 Summary

This is a new favorite projector of mine. For those potential owners, who find that this projector will work in their room, I have a preference for the Sharp, over the Optoma HD7100, as it actually beats the Optoma at black levels and brightness. (but loses on lens zoom, and no lens shift).

With black level performance that exceeds any of the projectors currently selling under $2000, many looking for the best picture for movie watching will certainly find the XV-Z3000 worth the extra few hundreds, and pretty much holds its own against any of the lower cost projectors in overall brightness when needed.


The truly excellent color "out of the box" makes this one of the few projectors that you can enjoy almost to its fullest, without having to calibrate or "tweak". So the bottom line is: (continued below)

Sharp has, in the form of the XV-Z3000, produced an excellent, small, 720p projector, with premium performance in terms of image quality. It should appeal to a great many, but especially those that are looking for the best image quality for movie watching, at this price point. The Sharp projector, though should be equally popular with those that not only want a great image on movies, but a projector bright enough to tackle modest to moderate ambient light when needed, such as sports, or typical HDTV viewing.

I offer an extreme "well done" to Sharp, and a Hot Product Award, too.

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