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Sony VPL-DW240 Projector Review - Hardware Tour 2

Posted on December 1, 2016 by Art Feierman
Sony VPL-DW240 Projector Review - Hardware Tour 2:  Menus


The above photo gallery shows the projector's top-level menus and certain of the sub-menus.  The VPL-DW240 has a straight-forward menu structure with the 7 available top-level menus selected via the icons located vertically along the left edge of the menu screens.


The 1st photo above shows the top-level Picture Menu where you will find the usual picture adjustments such as contrast, brightness, color, hue and sharpness.  When Picture Mode is selected the sub-menu shown in the 2nd photo is displayed that lists the 7 available options.   The 3rd photo above shows the Gamma Modes sub-menu that is available under the Expert Settings item on the Picture Menu.


The 4th photo above shows the top-level Screen Menu with its single item for selecting the aspect ratio.  When that item is selected the Aspect Ratio sub-menu is displayed, as shown in the 5th photo above.


The 6th photo above shows the Function Menu.


The 7th photo above shows the Operation Menu which offers several items for setting up the projector.


The 8th photo above shows the Connection/Power Menu.  This first item on this menu is for turning on and setting up the Eco (reduced power) mode while the remaining items relate to selection the configuration of Input A (the computer style analog video input), to use a auto power on feature and to control the cooling fan.  When the 1st menu item (i.e., Eco) is selected the Eco sub-menu shown in the 9th photo above is displayed.   When Lamp Mode is selected on the Eco sub-menu the lamp mode sub-menu is displayed, as shown in the 10th photo above.


The 11th photo above shows the Installation menu.  Included are items for adjusting the vertical keystone, setting the image orientation for table mounted vs. ceiling mounted and for high altitude operation.

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The 12th photo above shows the Information Menu which displays information about the projector as well as the current input signal.

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