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Sony VPL-DW240 Projector Review - Special Features

Posted on December 1, 2016 by Art Feierman
Sony VPL-DW240 Projector Review - Special Features:  "Stick-PC" Support, Miracast Support, Presentation Timer, Templates

"Stick-PC" Support

The VPL-DW240 can accept a "Stick-PC" dongle plugged into the projector's HDMI input with power being supplied by the projector's USB connector (provides 5 volt at 2 amps capacity).  There are a number of manufacturers now making Stick-PCs or "Computer Sticks" many of which should be compatible with this projector.  These include the Intel "Compute Stick" series described HERE.  Such Stick-PCs can be used instead of a tradition laptop PC for most of the same business or education applications.  This provides a very flexible, and highly portable, means for business travelers to make presentations without the need to also bring along a laptop PC.

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Miracast Support

Miracast is a wireless technology your PC/smartphone/tablet can use to send your devices screen contents to the Sony VPL-DW240 for display.  This requires the additional of a compatible Miracast adapter/dongle to the projector.  There are now Miracast dongles being offered by a variety of manufactures at street prices starting under $20. You can use this technology to share what you’re doing on your PC/smartphone/tablet, present a slide show, show videos or basically have the projector display what is on the device's screen.  So even though Miracast is not built into the VPL-DW240, it specifically offers compatibility with available Miracast adapters.


Presentation Timer

This is a potential useful feature for managing the time allocated for presentations.  An on-screen timer can be displayed as a aid to keeping presentations and meetings on a strict time schedule.


When the VPL-DW240 is set up to project onto a conventional blackboard or whiteboard, any of four templates with grid lines can be projected as an aid to a presenter drawing or writing on the blackboard or whiteboard.


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