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Sony VPL-VW285ES True 4K Home Theater Projector – Summary 2

VPL-VW285ES Projector Summary, Pg. 2:  Pros, Cons

vw285es top view
Top down view (obviously)

VPL-VW285ES Pros

True, no projector is perfect – of course, so we like to do a pros and cons breakout for each projector we review to help you see most aspects in one place.  Here goes, with the Pros first.

  • True 4096×2160 4K resolution (can’t beat that until 8K comes along)
  • Very nicely sharp image, as expected
    • Remember to do the panel alignment for best results – it just takes 3-10 minutes, but is simple to do
  • Claims 1500 lumens but beats that even after calibrating it – basic light canon
    • Enough brightness to work well in media rooms and other non-theater rooms as long as there’s reasonable light control and a suitable screen
  • Supports 4K with HDR and BT.2020 color
    • Also supports the HLG standard for streaming 4K
  • Sony has HDR “figured out” – bright picture no dimness
    • I suggest adjusting the Contrast HDR control a bit
  • Great “right out of the box” color and overall picture
    • Improves with calibration but not greatly, because it’s already close
  • Black level performance very good  despite lack of a dynamic iris
    • I expected this to be a weakness but performed better than expected

  • Great placement flexibility – a 2.06:1 zoom lens and lots of vertical and horizontal lens shift
  • Very good CFI for smooth motion – called Motion Flow – great for sports, some TV, I don’t recommend anyone’s CFI for movies
  • 2 HDMI inputs with 13.5 Ghz speed
    • Not the highest (18 Ghz) but all you need for any practical purpose
  • Quieter than most of the competition – reasonably quiet even at full power, in Eco – very quiet
  • Good remote control, well laid out
  • Good looking when the lights are on, but largish projector – coarse dark gray finish, almost invisible control panel, and recessed connectors make it look fairly sleek
  • One of the very best values around
  • 3 year parts and labor warranty

VPL-VW285ES Cons

OK let’s consider the less than great:

  • A dynamic iris would further improve the already respectable black level performance
  • As I say about all projectors – make the smart like TVs
    • Sony really should they have a competitive advantage in that they sell smart LCD and OLED TVs
  • No Lens Memory (which makes going wide screen practical, but motorized features let you do it manually in less than a minute’s time
  • HDMI is only 13.5 Ghz, while 18 is considered what’s needed very all capabilities including best sub-sampling, but that means little, so – no practical issues despite the negative mention
  • Warranty (while long) lacks a rapid replacement program
  • While quieter than most HT projectors, could be a bit quieter still at full power
  • Could use a third HDMI input

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